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Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

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* If you haven't [[Pest Control|killed]] [[Ray Boccino|Ray]] before this mission, you can call him afterwards. Niko will mention that "[[Ray Bulgarin|some Russian]]" he knows also claimed that the diamonds belonged to him as well.
* Luis could've been killed with no penalty in the mission [[Three Leaf Clover]], which would make the events of this mission and TBoGT impossible. For the player to do this is obviously non-canon, as Niko would not just shoot an innocent hostage. Likewise, Johnny and Niko can kill each other in their respective missions (Johnny will fail, Niko will not), again they would have no reason to want to do this. Luis can too kill Niko and Packie during [[Ladies Half Price ]]or [[Not So Fast]]. These instances are not intended (Though a failure phonecall can be accessed if Niko is dies in [[Collector's Item]], but the game will say Niko was injured, not killed).
* After the Diamonds are thrown into a [[Biff]], You can see the Biff driving down the Freeway overpass, Albeit without the Diamonds.
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