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== Dangerous Pedestrians ==
Aside from the civilians who accidentally hit you with cars, there are other, much more dangerous pedestrians. Some examples include gang members, who are particularly dangerous as they armed and will almost always fight back. Up until GTA IV, they would attack you on sight if you strolled into their turf and you had bad relations with their gang, but in GTA IV they usually leave the player aloneoutside of missions, unless tempted to attack you. This can happen with the [[Russian Mafia]] if you rob the [[Russian Shop]] in [[Broker]] or with any gang if you attack a gang member, . [[Taxi Drivers|taxi drivers]], who and other pedestrians will often respond to carjackings with violent beatings, by trying to pull you out and beat you. Some pedestrians will fight back when provoked or call the police. Also to look out for are [[Street Criminals|street criminals]] who are not common, but have been reported to carjack [[Protagonist|players]], pedestrians, and even [[police]].
== List of "note worthy" pedestrians ==
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