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Hot Coffee Modification

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In December, 2007 Take Two Interactive has approved class action settlement with an exchange or the refund for original game copies. According to [ final report] only 2,676 people have returned game, compare to over twelve-million sales.
In September 2009, Take Two finally settled the class-action lawsuit brought against them for US$20m, of which 15m will be paid by insurers and 5m by the company itself.[]
In ''November 11, 2005'', FOX program ''[[wikipedia:Killer Instinct (TV series)|Killer Instinct]]'''s latest episode focuses on a hit online video-game with explicit violence that can cause players to murder people. Other parts of it shows us that teenagers are playing it and the worst thing is unlocking sexually explicit scenes and mini-games (aka Hot Coffee Scandal) caused the detectives to find the creator of the game, get information and stop the murderer who's been playing the game for hours (''ala''-Devin Moore). The fictional game title was ''Murder One: San Fransisco'' and the box art looks similar to ''San Andreas'' and ''Vice City'' but with badly drawn art. Also, the fake game is actually pre-rendered with models from [[wikipedia:Poser (software)|Poser]]. It is also combined with another upcoming controversial game, ''[[wikipedia:25 to Life|25 to Life]]'', a cops and robbers simulator.
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