Still Pulling Favors/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Still Pulling Favors", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.

Mission set up

Tonya Wiggins: me and JB getting clean but JB fiending bad sick as a dog can u do one more job for us? gimme a call. Tonya xoxox

(Franklin phones Tonya)

Tonya Wiggins: Frank-a-lin! What's poppin'? You got my text?

Franklin Clinton: You sound messed up.

Tonya Wiggins: Nah, I kicked the pipe. JB too. For real this time. Can you cover one more job, boo, just till he get out of the sickness.

Franklin Clinton: God damn it, okay. Last time.


Dispatch: This is dispatch. Broken down car at Spanish Avenue. Who's in the vicinity? Over.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, I'll take that.

Dispatch: 10-4, copy that. Clear after you.

(Franklin drives to the broken down car)

Car owner: Finally! I called you people, like, an hour ago.

(The car owner enters the Towtruck)

Car owner: Drop me off at a repair shop. And one that's not gonna charge me a small fortune.

(Franklin drives the Towtruck to Auto Exotic in Hawick)

Car owner: Well, we made it. I won't mention you on the complaint form.

(Franklin phones Tonya)

Tonya Wiggins: Franklin, what's crackin'?

Franklin Clinton: Not your ass, I hope. I covered that job, alright. Now stay off the rock, you feel me?

Tonya Wiggins: I'm high on life now, baby. It's a new dawn.