Street Sweeper/Script


Jay: Okay guys, I just want to get one more shot please. This is gonna look great. Right over here. Officer please I need you this way. Thank you. Tighten up Manny. I need you guys tight. This is gonna be great. Okay good. Thank you. A little closer. A little closer. Thank you so much. Wonderful, wonderful. Beautiful. Now we are gonna be da da da da.

Officer McReary: All I can say is I hope you'll continue to make the community a better place.

Manny: Hey, man, you know, for a cop, you ain't so bad man, you know. Give it up, the streets, man. Word, give it up. Hey, Officer McReary, this is Niko right here. This is my man Niko.

Officer McReary: Oh, good to meet you, I hear you're helping this guy with his vital work for our city?

Niko: Well, no. I'm uh, just a tourist.

Officer McReary: Look Manny - I gotta go...

Manny: A'ight.

Officer McReary: Keep doing what you're doing.

Manny: Thank you Officer. Thanks. Yeah, you know, it was a real big thing for me, you know what I'm sayin', a real street cat, to start working with the gatekeepers of the community to make things better. I mean, where I'm from, out here, man, police is a dirty word man.

Niko: Manny - I got things to do... you, off.

Manny: Yo man, I was getting my flow on, man, I ain't rapped for years. I was one of them cats who invented that shit man, it went commercial.

Niko: Yeah, like charity work?

Manny: Shit, man, I'm the voice of the streets, man. Yo, if I'm gonna make some money, that's the way shit's gonna be.

Niko: Alright, I'm just saying.

Manny: Whatever man, fucking punk...

Niko: Huh.

Manny: Yo listen, homeboy, I need you to do me a favor man. Listen man, I need you to help me out man. I need you to get some bitches taken out, moved on, whatever. Cause yo, I promised Mr. McReary I was gonna get this place cleaned up and I will.

Niko: Okay... how many?

Manny: A bunch man, a bunch. They're hanging out and making bad shit happen all over South Bohan man. They're over on Windmill Street right now.

Niko: Alright. What did they do?

Manny: Man, they disrespected the codes of the streets, man. The streets man. They owe you man. They owe you big time.

Niko: As long as they pay.

Manny: Over here man.

Jay: I'm on you.

Niko: Yo, that's what I'm saying man. The streets, we got codes man you know what I'm saying. We live by these codes? You know what I mean?

Post mission phone calls


Niko: Manny, I got rid of your street problem, now help me out with my financial one.

Manny: It's all business with you kid, but that's okay. Money's what makes these streets sing, man. I'll call you when I got more work. Stay safe. Stay real.


Mallorie: Hey Niko, you tired of Manny yet?

Niko: I was tired of him as soon as I saw him.

Mallorie: I've got someone else who might have some work for you. Elizabeta Torres, she's got an apartment on San Quentin in Fortside. Meet me there.

Failing the mission

Dealers escape

Niko: Manny, I thought you should know that I lost those dealers. But I guess the streets already told you that.

Manny: Niko, you cold, man. You cold and you ain't doing shit right. Come see me.