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The following is a script of the mission "Taking in the Trash" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Ray: Hey, Niko.

Niko: Ray.

Ray: Take a seat.

Niko: Thank you.

Ray: So, you took care of that thing.

Niko: Yes.

Ray: I appreciate that... nah.

Niko: Hey, no.

Ray: I look after my friends... I got a lot of friends. Important friends. Jimmy Pegorino is a personal friend of mine, more or less... Hey, sweetheart.

Ashley: Hey.

Ray: My God, you look like shit. What's wrong?

Ashley: Nothing... I haven't been to bed yet. I've been smoking crystal.

Ray: You've been what? What are you a fucking idiot? White trash motherfucker. What is wrong with you?

Ashley: Gimme a break, okay? I feel like death.

Ray: Hey, hey, hey.

Ashley: What?

Ray: It's because I care... you know that.

Ashley: Yeah I know that.

Ray: Now, speaking of the ice...

Ashley: Yeah, they got it. They... they left it where you said. That's why I came over here. Can I get a Goddamn coffee here?

Ray: Yeah, you look like you could really use some Goddamn caffeine.

Ashley: I'm fucking coming down, asshole. I feel like death.

Ray: Fine, whatever. Ah... Niko, I need you to go collect some garbage for me.

Niko: Garbage?

Ray: Yeah... you wanted a career in waste disposal, now you got one.

Ashley: Can I get a Goddamned coffee over here?

Niko: What kind of garbage?

Ray: Garbage with a lot of ice in it.

Ashley: Today?

Ray: Go over to F between Columbus and Denver, there'll be a truck waiting there. Three guys, good guys, friends of mine. Main guy's name is Luca. Go.

Niko: Okay.

Ray: Hey, sugar. Come here. All this'll be over soon.

Ashley: You gotta stop me smoking this stuff, Ray. I'm fuckin' killin' myself.


(Niko finds the other three around the corner from the restaurant)

Niko: Luca?

Luca: Yeah, you Niko? This is Tunafish and Johnny Spaz. Tuna, Johnny, Niko.

Tuna: Hey.

Niko: So, we're all friends now.

Luca: Alright, Tuna, John Boy, you got the threads. Get on the back and get the trash. Come on! Let's go! Niko, here's your gear. You're driving. That cool? Let's roll!

Luca: First pickup's in Chinatown. Let's hit it.

Niko: So, someone's been throwing out a load of diamonds?

Luca: You could say that. Ray got that tweaker chick of his, the biker broad, you met her?

Niko: Yeah, she's pretty strung out.

Luca: Ray got her to get her friends to steal the ice off of some club owner guy. Her friends are the Lost biker gang.

Niko: I think I worked with a member of that gang up on Bohan. He was called Johnny or eh, something.

(Niko stops at the first spot)

Luca: Tuna, this is it. Grab the bag.

Tuna: Open up the back, will ya?


Tuna: Can you open up the back, Nicky?

(Johnny and Tuna pick up the garbage bags)

Tuna: Got it, let's go.

Luca: Next one's on H street. Move out, Nicky.

Niko: Did these bikers get so fucked on meth that they threw the ice away?

Luca: Nah. It seems the club owner's got more connections than a subway line. He's in with the Ancelottis, the Dominicans up in Northwood, everybody. Ray came up with this plan to keep a bit of distance between us and the robbery. The bikers is taking the heat for this shit.

Niko: This ain't the easiest way to pick this shit up, even if we don't want to attract any attention.

Luca: Yeah, me and Tuna was saying that before yous got here. We was saying that there's a lot of opportunities for this to go wrong. The bag could split. The diamonds could go missing real easy.

Niko: Thats why we're going to be extra careful, right? We wouldn't want that to happen, would we?

Luca: Course not. You know how pissed Ray would get if he found out some diamonds were missin'.

Niko: He has a temper?

Luca: Are you fuckin' kidding me? The manager of one of his waste depots was holding out on profits a couple a years back. Ray fed him to a dump truck. There was this point where the sounds of his screams stopped and all you could hear was his bones crushin', then the pop of his skull goin'. I nearly lost my lunch.

Niko: Nice.

(Niko stops at the second spot and Tuna and Spaz pick up the bags)

Luca: This is the other one, Tuna. Grab it.

Tuna: Yo, Nicky! Open up the back.

(A car full of armed occupants chase after the four)

Tuna: Shit, man. Looks like we got company.

Luca: Crap, someone's got wise to us. Let's get the hell outta here. Drive to Fishmarket South.

Niko: This truck is not really going to outrun anybody, is it?

Luca: You just gonna have to do your best. Ain't ya? We're not losing this ice. I'm not having Ray cut my balls off because you don't think this truck's fast enough.

Niko: I didn't say it was impossible. It's just going to be difficult.

Luca: This ain't fun.

Luca: Hold on, boys.

Luca: Take 'em out, Spaz. Come on.

Luca: Defend that ice like it's your cunt.

Luca: We don't want none of those bags to break, Nicky.

Luca: Holy shit.

Luca: Shit, Nicky. Lose these fucks.

Luca: Get us outta here, Nicky.

Luca: Don't let these mooks take our diamonds.

Luca: Hang in there. Protect the ice.

Tuna: We ain't doing too good back here.

Tuna: Me and Spaz ain't having fun.

Tuna: Fucking hell.

Tuna: Come on, watch it.

Tuna: You're killing me.

Tuna: This ain't fucking easy.

Tuna: You ain't making this easy on us.

Tuna: Hey, hey, hey.

(Niko loses the pursuers)

Luca: Nice driving, Nicky. Looks like you lost 'em. Let's bring this ice home.


Luca: They ain't on us no more. Good driving. Now all's you got to do is bring the ice home safe.

Luca: That mook ain't gonna be following us no more. Let's get the ice back. You've done good, Nicky.

(Niko drives the truck to Fishmarket South)

Luca: This is it. You got us here, Nicky.

Tuna: Good drivin', Nicky. I thought I was gonna be checking out for sure.

Niko: How'd they find us? I thought that we went to all this trouble so no one would know?

Luca: I dunno. These diamonds is serious. Anyone who heard of 'em would want them. I ain't surprised we got a bit of attention.

Niko: You want me take the ice to Ray then?

Luca: Nah, me and Tuna will look after them. Sort them out from the trash. I sure hope we ain't lose any on the route. Things got shaken up pretty good back there.

Tuna: They sure did, Luca. Here's hopin' we can find 'em all.

Luca: See you around, Nicky.

Alternate dialogue

Niko: So, Luca, you are a professional trash collector when you ain't working for Ray? You seem real at home in this truck.

Luca: Are you busting my balls, Nicky? What the fuck? You think I'd take the trash out every day, like some fuckin' mook? I guess that anyone involved in this thing of ours is in the waste management business but it ain't usually this hands on, you know?

Niko: Yeah, you still get your hands dirty though. Who'd these diamonds belong to before us?

(Tuna and Johnny pick up the first bag)

Niko: Who'd these diamonds belong to before us?

Luca: This guy who owns some big clubs in the city. You heard of a place called Maisonette 9?

Niko: No, I haven't.

Luca: Well, don't try your luck at the door any time soon and if you do, don't tip the bouncer with a diamond. We've taken this ice off a the guy that owns the place.

Niko: When I arrived in Liberty City, I didn't imagine that I'd become a trash collector. Didn't think I'd be muscle for the mob neither.

Luca: Every immigrant's dream ain't it? Being a wiseguy I mean, not trash collecting.

Niko: Really? I wanted to be an astronaut when I was growing up, not a gangster.

Luca: That a fact? Being a space monkey would probably pay better than this work. No wonder everyone's turning state's when the wages is like this.

Niko: Your buddies are turning state's because they're too pussy to do their time. They'd rather have plastic surgery and a life sentence in suburban hell than take their punishment like real men.

Luca: Yeah, but you go to admit the money we're getting ain't shit. We bust our balls and for what?

Niko: Money ain't the only thing I'm looking for in Liberty City, Luca. I'll take what Ray gives me.

(The four begin to get chased)

Niko: Fuck, I thought this was going to be easy. Why does everything have to get complicated?

Luca: That's life, my friend. Nothing works out the way you want it to. That's why you gotta take the opportunities you can when they're right in front of you.

Niko: I can't see that we got much opportunity here. Either we lose these shitheads or we're screwed. That's about it.

Other dialogue

(If Niko gets a wanted level)

Luca: I ain't gonna get caught by the cops with this stolen ice. Lose 'em before we pick it up.

Luca: Get rid of the cops, Nicky. We don't want the feds seeing us collect this ice.

Luca: We can't collect this ice with the cops on us. Lose the heat.

(If Niko leaves the truck)

Tuna: Don't fuck around, Nicky.

Tuna: There's no time for this shit, get back into the truck, Nicky.

Tuna: What are ya doing?

Tuna: We ain't got time for this.

Tuna: This truck can't drive itself. Get back in.

Post mission phone call

Niko: Luca and his crew have got the stuff, Ray. It's all in the back of the truck.

Ray: You keep an eye on them? They didn't pull nothing?

Niko: I don't know, Ray. You don't trust them, hen weigh the ice. Catch you round.

Failing the mission

Trashmaster is destroyed

Luca: Shit, Nicky. The fucking truck.

Niko: Too bad about the truck. I guess Ray's gonna be pissed.

Luca: He ain't gonna be happy, Nicky. That's for damn sure. And if there's a man who knows how to get angry, it's Ray. Later.

(Niko calls Ray)

Niko: I don't think we going to complete our round, Ray. The truck's trashed.

Ray: You think that's funny? Shit. You're an imbecile. We gotta talk about this.

Niko attacks the others

Niko: Me and your crew didn't get on so good, Ray.

Ray: Shit, can't you learn to play nice, Nicky? This is important work I got for ya. Come back and see me.

Luca dies

Tuna: I dunno what this crew's gonna do without Luca. I looked to him, you know. For, like, leadership and shit.

Niko: I think you should worry about Ray and those diamonds before anything else. I'll see you around, Tuna.

(Niko phones Ray)

Niko: Ray, Luca got killed. I'm sorry.

Ray: Fuck me, Nicky. I had some hopes for that cugine. Come see me.

Tuna dies

Luca: Dammit. That's just fucking perfect.

Niko: Well that job got screwed up, didn't it?

Luca: It sure fucking did. I got a feeling that Ray'll care more about not getting the diamonds though. See you around.

(Niko phones Ray)

Niko: Ray, I hate to tell you this but your friend Tuna is sleeping with the fishes.

Ray: Fuck me, Nicky. I had some hopes for that cugine. Come see me.

Johnny dies

Luca: Dammit. That's just fucking perfect.

Niko: Well that job got screwed up, didn't it?

Luca: It sure fucking did. I got a feeling that Ray'll care more about not getting the diamonds though.

(Niko phones Ray)

Niko: Ray, man. That Johnny kid got put out with the trash. I'm sorry.

Ray: I sorta get that, but I ain't happy. Let's have a meet.

Johnny and Tuna die

Niko: Johnny and Tuna are sleeping with the fishes, Ray. I'm sorry.

Ray: Alright, Nicky. What's done is done. Come see me.

Johnny and Luca die

Niko: Luca and Johnny are on ice, Ray. Shit happens.

Ray: Alright, Nicky. What's done is done. Come see me.

Tuna and Luca die

Niko: Ray, the job did not go to plan. We lost Luca and Tuna. I'm sorry.

Ray: Alright, Nicky. What's done is done. Come see me.

Luca, Tuna & Johnny die

Niko: You should start looking for a new crew, Ray. The old one's in a better place.

Ray: The whole crew? Va fanabla! Come back to Drusilla's.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Ray: Ah hell, Nicky. They was good earners. You gotta control yourself, you're a fucking maniac.

Niko: Hey, Ray. I'm sorry but I had to put Luca and Tuna down. I didn't trust them.

Ray: I make the call on who gets whacked, tough guy. We gotta have a meeting.

Niko: Me and Luca didn't get on so well, Ray. This thing isn't happening.

Ray: Shit, try to kill people who ain't good earners. Let's you and me have a sit down.

Niko: Something smelled fishy about Tuna, Ray. He's not around no more.

Luca: These diamonds is ours now.

Luca: We're just trying to pick up the damn trash.

Luca: Wha'd'ya want, you scumbags?

Luca: You ain't getting this ice.

Luca: You're wasting your time.