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I really don't understand there are two russian mobs?, the petrovic family and the faustin family? the game doesn't mention two russian mobs it only speaks of one. kenny petrovic, faustin and dimitri are part of the same russian mob the lcpd database says there all part of the russian organized crime syndicate not a petrovic or faustin family, someone please point out were it mentions TWO russian mobs i have played the game millions of times. i am a big gta 4 nerd and im pretty sure the so called faustin and petrovic families are one and the same.

It says that Ivan Bytchkov has no purpose and in the lcpd database it says he is a burglar. There is a rank in the real life russian mafia called Thief in arms which is the equivalent of a soldier. Maybe Ivan is one of them a thief in arms. I am not really familiar with the structure of the russian mafia so I will look more into this.Andrew nicholson 16:21, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

I'm Russian so I am familiar with this structure. The rank you've mentioned is called "vor v zakone" or "thief-in-law". But it is not a soldier, it's a consigliori. Don is "tuz" (ace), capo is "pakhan" (authority), soldier is "bratan" (brother) or "muzhik" (butch). The bratvas are different - it is clear enough from their relationship. If Mikhail would be a capo and would talk in such a way about his don Kenny, he will be dead in a day. AlSar 16:31, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

but lenny petrovic was with the faustins he's the son of kenny petrovic so why isn't he with the petrovics than? i think there the same. mission "Final Destination" says it all

Why do you say so? It is only said that Lenny ratted out Faustin, he is not a member of his family. More than that, they traded drugs with each other and Lenny decided to inform the police after the deal. ---AlSar 21:21, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

it is also said he was doing drug deals witht them if he is not with the faustins than why is he doing deals with them?