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I just wanted to question where (other than the Wikia submission) you verified this as a brewery? It seems, to be factual, it would be enough to state that the Fleischberg Company is simply a factory plant without specifying its product. My original impression was not that it was a brewery... in fact, the name implied to me something more gore-related and ironic. While only implied, it struck me along the same vein (no pun intended) as the quirky references from other GTA3 games... the cannibalistic Donald Love for one. Despite the lack of any real animals/livestock, there are always burgers and food available for carnivores in these games -- a veritable 'mountain of meat' to be had by the hungry. Without specifically saying this is what is produced here, I'm only suggesting the lack of specific identification of the product made and shipped from the Fleischberg factory. Their slogan is 'Making life mean something since 1869', and what better way to describe what is done with livestock than to say it gives meaning to the phrase 'dinner-time'. I can see pallets of drums in their yard, but none of them specifically suggest they contain beer... if you have other facts that support this as a brewery, I am interested. I simply found it more amusing to contemplate the implied story of the Fleischberg Company, and the possibility that it produced a vast quantity of meat products for consumption. Most farms I saw in San Andreas grew crops... animations for fish and birds aside, I see no animals. Does the entire GTA3 world subsist on meat derived from another source, and are some suppliers providing nutrition for a group with specialized tastes? This is all my own speculation and not intended to distract from my question: does the claim of Fleischberg as a brewery seem justified by any explicit identification in the game? Thanks for considering... perhaps my assumptions are just uninformed. --HoraceBroonRiddle 10:46, 13 March 2012 (UTC)

It's a brewery because in-game models and textures call it a brewery.--spaceeinstein 17:28, 13 April 2012 (UTC)
In response, I believe this is the source(s) for which I asked, so the inquiry is answered... but not quite. The original tags/labels for the resources in the game files are valuable hints to its intended purpose, but do not confirm its final use or function in the game. This is meta-information that can convince one of the designers intentions, but it still remains an inference towards its function. My main point is a more general, Wiki-related concern about reporting information that the inquisitive seek without imposing conclusions based on expertise. For whatever reason, the Rockstar parties involved in the naming of this factory or placing it in the "story" universe steered away from specifically identifying the type of manufacturing outlet that this became. My opinion is that this was the right move to allow more freedom to involve the gamer's imagination. If the Wiki is intended to contain factual information, then the facts derived from game-files are indispensible footnotes for discovery of the designers intent or reference for a lack of certainty about a particular question. This information should be included here, but there still remains the problem that Fleischberg is not clearly confirmed to be a "brewery"... in fact, I believe the game designers made a conscious decision to alter this original intention. If its not clearly printed on a sign, advertised on the radio, or connected anywhere else, then the Fleischberg factory is not "brewing" but simply manufacturing. The artifacts of the game only confirm the historical/beta design of the building... this is not clearly represented in the final product. Why insist on identifying this as such when Rockstar clearly didn't want to do so? Thank you for listening... I wish they had simply stated it, so this sort of "hair-splitting" didn't occur. Part of my reasoning is that it does leave it vague & open which is a much better position for Rockstar -- not pinning themselves down unnecessarily into "canon" which limits their options.HoraceBroonRiddle 22:11, 14 April 2012 (UTC)
I have seen and took part in many thorough documentations and research into R*'s files for years. As far as I know, R*'s intent is nothing like you have described. The majority of model names within the GTA universe are generically and ambiguously named. When something as dead-specific as a brewery, it should be taken literally. Whatever R* provides, be it in-game dialogue or file names, they are all taken at literal face value to prevent any speculations. Only if the information clearly contradicts other R*-provided information then stuff can be questioned.--spaceeinstein 08:34, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
I suppose the difficulty with my understanding of this is that my opinions were in conflict with the assertion of Fleischberg as a brewery. It aroused my interest & made me wonder from where this information was gleaned. That has been answered... but the fact remains: the game doesn't explicitly identify the product manufactured here. Confirmation by game-files only proves that it was conceived & intended as a brewery for the creation of the resources used to build it. We know that beta-versions contain resources that become altered, scrapped, or unused..., and there is a variety of explanations for why the final version appears as it does. My point is being missed because it seems I'm arguing that this is not a brewery when, in fact, that wouldn't bother me one bit. It's just a matter of another source in the final game that is played being responsible for identifying this place. I'm not aware of any and, quite honestly, that makes me suspicious. My speculations aren't important, but the reporting of Fleischberg as a brewery is unnecessary, not essential to the story, and an imposition of deduced information. Consider that a Wiki has a responsibility to monitor its own facts while reducing its own biases. If you assert this fact about the game, then anyone reading this has assumed it into their own beliefs about it... you have altered their perception of it which is not an objective of reporting facts. Do not misread that I am arguing now for Fleischberg to be anything else, it was conceived as a brewery... but is not stated or important in the game; therefore, it is also unnecessary to report it as such. Lol... this is certainly far beyond the discussion it needs.HoraceBroonRiddle 02:32, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
Scratch everything I have said, I have checked the contributor of that piece of information and realized this little bit of trivia didn't come from game files. It came from R*'s own SA website. It mentioned clearly that this structure is a brewery. If you still want to argue that stuff changes and this still might not be a brewery, you have to argue that R*'s words aren't final.--spaceeinstein 04:43, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
Awesome! That's perfect... reference to the San Andreas site is proof enough that the factory is a brewery. Consider my concerns ended :)HoraceBroonRiddle 06:06, 16 April 2012 (UTC)