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In a newspaper article about the death of Jon Gravelli in GTA IV it is said the Pavano family is the second-most powerful crime family, after the Gambetti family. You can read the article in one of the internet cafe's in Liberty City. If you have finished the game you will find the article on the first page. I also think this family is based on the Genovese crime family, since they also operate in New Jersey (Alderney) and for decades were the second most powerful crime family.

Yeah, you're right : Tony Smith (end)

I meant to edit that, they are the second-most powerful family and, like the Genovese Family, they operate in upper Manhattan (Algonquin) and New Jersey (Alderney). NYYankees333

" , the family had become the most powerful of Liberty City's crime families, rivaling the Pavano family."

I'll change this for the Commission section.Nostrein 14:28, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

Real life sources

I deleted a section at Trivia, in where it was said the family could be based on the Colombos. I deleted this because in the first place they do not bear similar names, besides ending with an "o". They have not much in common with the Colombos, and very much in common with the Genovese crime family; both operating in Manhattan and New Jersey and both rivaling with the Gambino's for the most powerful crime family of New York. I don't see why this is being reverted, not that it really matters, but I do would like an explanation for it and why you still think they are based on the Colombos, cause the reasons given are not convincing at all..

--Sonny Black 21:25, April 2, 2010 (UTC)