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Should her name be moved from Yuka to Yuka Kasen?-User:BloodyGTA

A niece doesn't necessarily has the same surname as the aunt. Is her full name explicitly shown in the game?--Spaceeinstein 06:48, 8 May 2009 (UTC)
Her full name was never referd to in-game but the only female sibling of the Kasen Famil,Asuka Kasen,said that was her niece leading the father of Yuka being either Kenji or Kazuki which should lead her name to Yuka Kasen.-User:BloodyGTA
I'm think that Yuka is Kazuki's daughter because she lives with Asuka in 2000. Kazuki and Toshiko dies in the 1998, and Asuka become to her tuter. (sorry for my english, i am russian) - Ambience_ed 14:45 may 10 2010