Targeted Risk/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Targeted Risk", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin arrives at the roof of the Maze Bank)

Dom Beasley: Full on. Hard.

(Dom, standing on the edge of the building, spots Franklin)

Dom Beasley: Hey there, pussy. Are you watchin'? This is safer than crossing the street.

Franklin Clinton: Shit, bullshit.

Dom Beasley: Well, less people have died doing this than crossing the street. How about that? And they called me insane when I said, "Sell all your American equities." And now look at this shit hole. Come on, lady boy, let's go.

(Dom jumps off the building)

Dom Beasley: Yeah! History, coming at you live!

(Franklin jumps off the building)

Dom Beasley: Aim for that flatbed truck down there.

Franklin Clinton: Truck? What fucking truck?

Dom Beasley: The one that's accelerating, duh. Boom! Fear cocktail with a twist, shaken not stirred. Drink it in, big guy.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, I see it. Okay, whatever you say, man.

Dom Beasley: Look who put on his big boy pants this morning!

(Franklin lands on the truck)

Franklin Clinton: I got this game played, homie.
Franklin Clinton: Yeah... ain't no problem.
Franklin Clinton: Yeah that's what I'm talking about.

Dom Beasley: Whoa! Captain Conservative actually jumped! Figured you'd take the elevator!

Only Franklin lands on the truck

(If Dom didn't land on the truck)

Jeff Chartier: Dude! It's me, Jeff! No way, the Dominator didn't make it? (Anyway) I'm gonna drop you at the rendezvous spot, alright?

(Jeff drives Franklin to a garage on Elgin Ave')

Franklin Clinton: You overcooked it, huh?

Dom Beasley: Shit! I'm the king, the emperor, the supreme being of overcookin'! I'll incinerate whatever you put in front of me! Boom! Nuke that shit.

Franklin Clinton: Man, I was just sayin' you missed the truck, dog. Maybe a gust of wind or somethin'? That's cool.

Dom Beasley: Nah, it ain't cool! Land Act Reservoir now, bitch! We'll set the sliders to maximum and bust your tiny little processor. Poof! I'm gone.

Franklin and Dom land on the truck

(If Dom landed on the truck)

Jeff Chartier: Dudes, that was insane! Hey Franklin, it's me, Jeff! I'm gonna drop you at that garage on Elgin, okay, Dom?

(Jeff drives Franklin and Dom to the garage on Elgin Ave)

Dom Beasley: Gangster by night. Parachuting pussy by day. Oh! You should make that your logline. Sales, bro. Who's buying? Not me. Overpriced. Hey, we'll hook up over at the Land Act Reservoir, and I might shift your rating from sell... to a hold. Done!