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This template shows an audio file (either from a YouTube video or an uploaded OGG file) within a prepared table, showing a title, caption and author.

Basic Usage

YouTube video OGG File
{{audio | YouTube Video ID | Title }}
{{audio | 5p1vacn3KcE | GTA Vice City Theme }}
GTA Vice City Theme
{{audio | file= File Name | caption=Caption }}
{{audio | file=GTAIV-Theme.ogg | caption=GTA IV Theme }}
Audio File
GTA IV Theme

Advanced variables

yt = YouTube Video ID
file = OGG file upload (eg: audio.ogg) (be careful not to leave a space after)
title = Title
image= Image name only (eg: Image.jpg)
link= Page for image to link to (eg: GTA IV)
caption = Caption to go below the video
author = Author or source
authortitle = Bold caption before the author's name (default: "Author", could use "Source" etc)
float = left/right/none (default: none)
style = Advanced CSS to apply to the table itself
Example (shown on right)
{{audio | jqE8M2ZnFL8 | title = GTA IV Theme |  image = GTAIV-Boxart.jpg| caption = Theme from [[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]] | author = [[Michael Hunter]] | authortitle = Author | float=right | style=background-color:black; color:white; }}
GTA IV Theme
Theme from GTA IV Author: Michael Hunter