Template:Infobox character

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This infobox should be used on ALL character pages, to display a table.

To add this template to a page, simply use Form:Character

This is a semantic template - the values for dob, dod and gender are Properties which can be searched for and filtered onto pages.

For this reason, it is important that those values are correctly set - using a date (or just a year) or M/F. Do not add links, other text (such as an age) or anything else to those properties.

These are the variables for this infobox:

{{infobox character|
|image = Image.jpg (DO NOT use [[image code]] or add the File: prefix)
|game_1 = GTA San Andreas DO NOT USE LINKS
|game_2 = GTA Vice City
|game_10 = Maximum of 10 games
|games = DO NOT USE THIS. Use game_1 to game_10 above.
|name = Use this where the characters name is not the page name
|aka = MAJOR alternative names only (not just nicknames) like [[Sweet]] being Sean Johnson
|status = Alive or Deceased
|gender = M or F
|dob = date or year
|dob-comment = A comment that goes after the date of birth such as: (estimated)
|pob =
|dod = date or year
|dod-comment = A comment after the date of death
|home = 
|nationality = south africa (just write the country name)
|family =
|affiliations = 
|vehicles = 
|businesses =
|voice =