Template:Infobox user

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This template is used to describe a user on Grand Theft Wiki.


To use this template, input as follows:(* indicates a semantic property)

{{Infobox user
|image = xxxx.png (If you don't want to display any image, input "none".)
|caption = Caption of the image
|name = Your name
|aka = Also known as
|gender = Gender, input M for male or F for female.*
|dob = date of birth. Recommended format is ISO 8601.
|pob = Place of birth.
|nationality = Nationality. Use adjectives such as Serbian, don't use the name of a country such as Serbia.*
|game = Your favorite game. Input III, VC, SA, IV etc.*
|game_1 =One of the games your own.*
|game_2 =ditto.*
|game_10 = ditto.*


Some of the parameters are hidden in this documentation for they are either previously set or not applicable to many users. If you need them, view source of this template and apply them.