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This template is for staff to easily create a standardised Promotion page. The page will be created linking to the user, and with all the questions and sections readily created.

This template MUST be substituted. This means that you MUST include "subst" at the start of the template code (as shown below). This means that the customised contents of the template will be placed into the page, instead of leaving the template code. This allows editors to edit the page and reply etc.

{{subst:promotepage|username|position+link|~~~~|Reason & Nominator}}

This is the username of the person nominated to be promoted; the signature of the staff member who accepted the nomination (and is creating the nomination page), and the reason for nomination (including the nominator, or whether it is self-nominated). If the

The result of the following code can be seen at Template:Promotepage/test:

{{subst:promotepage|Chip2007|an Inspector|~~~~|He was nominated by User:GTW-Chris for being a vital member of the community.}}

The questions on the template can be edited, but they are signed by the person who originally wrote them, and dated at the time the nomination page is created. Follow the existing questions to see how to get the date to transclude.