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I've changed this template to the proper {{navbox}} template, which takes up a lot less space than a custom table, and it expands with the width of your screen. I don't know much about gangs, so could people who do please try and remove stuff from here? It does NOT need to include every single gang or leader ever - just the important and cross-game ones. Maybe we could reorganise this by type? Eg Mafia gangs, street gangs, race, region or country-specific gangs? As for leaders, only include major characters - I've only heard of a handful of characters on that list, so they definitely don't need to be lsited on EVERY gang page ever. That's why we have the word 'leader' linking to a list of all the leaders, and some important ones listed there for people to easily jump to. Gboyers talk 23:13, November 25, 2009 (UTC)