The Last One/Script

This is the script for the mission "The Last One" in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin approaches a man in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness)

Hunter: Gonna make my great grand-daddy proud.

(Franklin scares the hunter into briefly aiming his sniper rifle at Franklin)

Hunter: You lucky boy, you real lucky.

Franklin Clinton: Why?

Hunter: I thought you was a 'squatch (the subtitles show 'beast'). Nearly put a bullet in you... Made my Goddamn fortune.

Franklin Clinton: A what?

Hunter: A sasquatch! (the subtitles show 'A beast!')

Franklin Clinton: Man, you believe in that bullshit?

Hunter: I've spent eight years combing these woods. I've seen one, hundreds of times. I just never got a clear shot. Here, look at this...

(The hunter pulls some animal faeces from his pocket and moves towards Franklin)

Hunter: It's fresh scat.

(Franklin moves away from the hunter)

Franklin Clinton: Man, you just gonna carry that shit loose in your pocket like that?

Hunter: Always.

(The hunter hears a noise and quickly turns around)

Hunter: Hold on...

(The hunter fires his rifle)

Man: Ah! You shot me you crazy looking fuck!

Hunter: Damn... I could have sworn! They're clever bastards, some of them wear orange so that people will think they're hunters. Let's go this way...

Franklin Clinton: Sasquatches, huh? (the subtitles show 'Beasts, huh?')

(The hunter moves to a slightly better vantage point)

Hunter: A picture would be good. A stuffed head even better! Scat site's down there in the valley there. I'm gonna cover these cliffs. Been huntin' that beast longer than you'll ever know, boy! You just keep an ear out for them terrible howls. When I hear 'em, I'll know either you found him or he's found you.

(Franklin goes to where the hunter found the animal faeces and finds more)

Franklin Clinton: Damn, that's nasty.

(Franklin walks slightly further on and hears a groaning noise)

Franklin Clinton: What the hell was that?

(Franklin attempts to locate and chase the sasquatch)

Franklin Clinton: Eh, how you not extinct already?
Franklin Clinton: I'm a long way from South Los Santos.
Franklin Clinton: Can't believe I'm gangbangin' with bigfoot (the subtitles show 'the beast').

(If Franklin loses the sasquatch)

Franklin Clinton: Where he go?
Franklin Clinton: No wonder no fool caught his ass yet.
Franklin Clinton: Come on, where you at?

(If Franklin misses)

Franklin Clinton: Fuck I thought I had him.
Franklin Clinton: Missed, fuck.
Franklin Clinton: So close.
Franklin Clinton: How did that miss?

(If Franklin shoots the sasquatch)

Franklin Clinton: Got him.
Franklin Clinton: Damn, he still goin'.

(Franklin chases the sasquatch until it stops running and begins to cower. Franklin then shoots it at close range.)

Sasquatch: Shoot me, human!

Franklin Clinton: I just did...

Sasquatch: Shoot me, human! Make it stop.

Franklin Clinton: I just shot your ass! It's stopped!

Sssquatch: I'm the last of my kind.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, evolution is a bitch.

Sasquatch: We've lived in these woods... a thousand years.

Franklin Clinton: Man, wait a second... is this a fuckin' mask?

(Franklin removes the 'sasquatches' mask to reveal a human)

'Sasquatch': Make it stop, human!

Franklin Clinton: Man, shut the fuck up with that bullshit. What the fuck is wrong with you running around the woods in a costume?

'Sasquatch': I'm the last of my kind.

Franklin Clinton: Man, you fucking freak!

Man (now no longer pretending to be a sasquatch): Hey... I'm no freak! It's perfectly normal to admit to being aroused role playing dressed as a fantastical beast. Woof!

Franklin Clinton: What the fuck was that?

Man: What do you want it to be? Woof!

Franklin Clinton: Man, go fuck yo' self man.