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The following is a script of the mission "The Puerto Rican Connection" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Show: Manny Escuela combines a powerful urban masculinity with a lighter side.

Jay: Powerful... Lighter side!

Show: Here, shortly after cleaning up five blocks, he touches a group of women in the art of competitive street dancing.

Jay: Teaches a group of women...

Manny: Yo man! You made me look gay, man. I warned you, bro.

Jay: What? No? You don't look gay. You look a little metrosexual or something.

Manny: Metrosex...

Jay: It's good, it's good.

Manny: Man, who the hell ever heard of a metrosexual ex-gangster, man?

Jay: Hey!

Manny: I'm a lord, man, not a lady. This show was gonna make me famous!

Jay: You are gonna be famous...

Manny: I got the film genius here making me look like a transsexual, or something, on TV. And now some punks been talkin' all kinds of shit too.

Niko: What punks?

Manny: Man, bitches I used to roll with. Guys caught up in the game. Punks in too deep, man. Yo I tried, man, I tried to be a good guy. I said, I'm reformed, man. But I'm pure ghetto, man. And this show's garbage.

Jay: Oh come on.

Manny: We don't have the killer shot, man.

Jay: What? Jeez.

Manny: We need to go bust somebody, man.

Niko: Do what you want, as long as it doesn't involve me.

Manny: Hey, yo, we're brethren right? Give it up, man. A'ight, man. Yo listen, can you shut these punks up for me please?

Niko: Where are they?

Manny: They're gonna be comin' in on the El Train, man. From Algonquin to Dukes, man. Hey I owe you, man. I owe you big time.

Niko: Okay.

Manny: You see that, man? You see that, man? Yo, that is streets right there, man. Not none of this shit. Got me dancing in skirts with people in the neighborhood, man. What the fuck is that, man?


(If Niko loses the train)

Niko: Where is the goddamn train?

Niko: How am I meant to catch this fucking train?

Niko: I'm losing the fucking train?

Niko: Fucking Manny, making me chase stupid train.

Niko: Shit, I'm losing it.

(The targets exit the subway station and get in a car)

Gangster: Damn, son. I hate taking the train. When we going get us a Patriot or something? Ride in style.

Gangster: When we make us some money, mamahuevo.

(Niko follows the targets to a nearby Burger Shot where they spot him)

Gangster: That boy be giving us the eyeball.

Gangster: You know what happened last time some puto thought he'd stare me down.

Gangster: Hell yeah I do. Ice this fool.


Gangster: That crazy fool be looking at us.

Gangster: Yo he grillin' with them mad eyes, yo.

Gangster: Open up on his ass.

Gangster: I don't like the way he be looking at us.

Gangster: Man, I don't like it neither.

Gangster: Get rid of him then.

Post mission phone call


Niko: You don't need to worry about people talking garbage no more.

Manny: You're pure ghetto, man. Just like me, kid. I'm gonna thank you in all my acceptance speeches, man, for real.

Little Jacob

Elizabeta: Shut the fuck up, Jacob. Niko, I hear you can understand this rasta shit. Get over here before I run out of patience and start shooting.

Niko: I don't think I've ever played peacemaker, but I'll be there in a bit.

Post mission text message

Niko - Meet me at the end of the pier at Castle Gardens.

Failing the mission

The train gets away

Niko: I lost the train.

Manny: I thought you was the streets, man? You ain't shit, man.

The target gets away

Niko: I saw them get off the train but they got away.

Manny: They got away? That just ain't good enough, man. This is my rep that's in danger, Shit.