The Tight End Zone

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The Tight End Zone is a radio program in Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas, under the station WCTR. It is hosted by Derrick Thackery (voiced by Peter Appel). The show's title is a combination of the football terms "tight end" and "end zone". The Tight End Zone" revolves mainly around Derrick's love for sports rather than the sports itself. The show gets many random calls, more notably from a redneck liking racing, where he says "Where I'm from theres nothing better than being Shit-Faced in 90 degree heat and watching cars going in circles for many hours. Yeeeehaaawww!" and talks about a racecar upporting baldness, which is his condition and why his wife left him for a cop, when Derrick says "Screw your wife pal. There's probably alot of men who did. Ha Ha!" Derrick Thackery has a nervous breakdown later in the game on his show, and that episode is heard repeatedly after the end of the game.