The Wheelman/Walkthrough

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This is the first mission in the game to have a time limit.


First of all, you need to meet with Uncle Kenny. He tells you that the son of Hsin Jaoming, Chan Jaoming has requested three vehicles to be delivered to one of his garages. He tells Huang to get them and deliver them to the garage.

First of all, be aware that you have only have six in-game hours to deliver all of the marked vehicles. All of them are at random locations, and you can collect them in any order. Make sure not to damage the cars too much or it will be a failure. The Cars you need to find are a Resolution X, a MK GT9, and a 500 XLR8. Once you find one, start it manually and quickly drive it to the garage in BOABO.

Shortly after this, Chan Jaoming will contact you about doing some work for him. Meet him at his garage at East Island City if you're interested.


  • It's best to select the top-screen radar as you won't need to constantly look at the radar. Also, ignore the GPS directions and plot your own way.
  • The best way to start is to probably(or if you can) start by stealing the Revolution X.