Three Leaf Clover/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Three Leaf Clover" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission text message

I told my brothers about ya. Got a big job planned. Put on a suit, a tie, and some good shoes and get over here. Costs a fucking shit load but the only place to go for that shit is Perseus in Algonquin.


Patrick: There he is - Niko Bellic. Niko, these are my two brothers, well two of my brothers, the two that count. Derrick and Gerald.

Niko: Hi.

Patrick: Derrick has just returned to the family fold after a good few years in the Old Country, involved in the struggle. Sort of like you, I'd imagine... And Gerry... Gerry's the man. And you remember Michael? St Michael...

Michael: Yeah, hey.

Niko: Yes, yes, it's, uh, nice to meet you.

Patrick: Niko is a trip, man, I met him through that Puerto Rican coke dealer...

Gerald: So you want to involve him in family business? What do you know about him?

Patrick: What I know is he likes a fight, and he ain't the fucking law.

Gerald: Oh, no offense mister... that ain't good enough.

Patrick: Well it's good enough for me.

Michael: He's a good lad, Gerry.

Gerald: Was I talking to you, you inbred halfwit? I make a point of not talking to the unfortunate victims of brother sister marriages.

Michael: Don't you speak about my parents like that.

Gerald: Aww, you're like fucking Cleopatra... Fifteen generations of brother sisters fucking, and you're so thick you take orders off my idiot brother Packie... who's so stupid he had to tattoo his name on his arm.

Niko: If there is a problem, I'll go. No trouble. I have other ways of making money.

Patrick: There's no problem. Gerry just likes to think he knows best about everything, which is why he's been married three times already and still won't admit he likes men.

Gerald: Nah, no problem. I'll leave you boys to it. Don't screw up. Packie, take care of Derrick, he's been away. And you... nothing personal, but don't fuck with my family, or I will fuck with yours.


Patrick: Alright, we're heading to the Southern Algonquin branch of the Bank of Liberty. Niko, you're the designated driver.

Niko: Let's do this.

Patrick: Alright, here's how the shit is going down. We're gonna go inside and each take down a security guard. Me and St. Michael here are gonna handle the civilians while Niko and Derrick manage the employees. Anyone tries anything, you put them down hard. Once the situation has been controlled, Derrick's going to rig the vault door with explosive.

Derrick: I got enough PE4 here to get through anything they throw at us.

Michael: PE4, I ain't never heard of that.

Patrick: It's some limey name for C4 that Derrick here picked up over there.

Derrick: I ain't having this argument with you, Patrick. Safe to say, what we're using is controllable enough to go through any vault door without incinerating whatever's inside. Not going to leave much residue on the notes either so they should be washable.

Patrick: They're going to be washable alright. Can't wait to see what sort of kick C4 residue is going to give me when I snort up a line of chop through one of them notes.

Derrick: First, you're a fucking charmer, Patrick. Second, it's PE4 not C4.

Patrick: Whatever, at least I'm honest about my habits, Derrick.

Derrick: You know nothing about nothing, Patrick. I'm honest about me demons.

Patrick: Hit the needle on the old head there did I, Derrick?

Michael: The expression is hit the nail on the head, Packie.

Patrick: Really Michael? You don't think I know that? Gerry was right about you, Mikey. Your parents must have been twins to produce a kid as dumb as you. I'm surprised you ain't got three eyes, no balls and a club foot.

Michael: Don't bring my parents into this, Packie.

Patrick: Alright, alright. Do we all know what we're doing? Once the vault door blows, I want Niko and Michael to go down into the vault to get the money while me and my brother handle the crowd control.

Niko: All makes sense to me. If you guys can stop arguing for a few minutes then I think we might be okay.

(The four arrive at the bank)

Derrick: Let's make this clean, boys. No civilian casualties.


Derrick: Here we are, wait until you're inside to get ballied up.

Derrick: This is it, boys. Moment of truth.

(The four enter the bank)

Patrick: None of you fucking fucks move. Get on the floor.

Michael: None of yous is gonna get a medal for playing hero. All you's gonna get is a bullet to the heart.

Derrick: Don't none of you worry about nothing. We're here for the bank's money, it's going to a greater cause.

Patrick: Shut up and handle the safe.

Derrick: Open the door.

Niko: Open the door.

Derrick: Open the door!

Niko: Open the fuckin' door.

Employee: Okay... okay... wait a minute. I got it.

Niko: Get on the floor... now!

Employee: But sir...

Niko: You too.

Employee: Okay, okay.

Eugene Reaper: Hey? Yo? I'm a gun club member. I'm gonna take these rookies downtown. Are you with me? Hey, what's your name, son?

Luis Lopez: Luis... but this ain't such a good idea bro.

Eugene Reaper: Yeah? They said catching that pass at my high school championship football game was a "bad idea" cause I broke my leg in thirteen places. But... I scored a touchdown and won the game. The world is built out of bad ideas, my friend.

Derrick: Come on. The PE4 has been moulded and is set to explode in sixty seconds. Now listen people, we're your friends. Me and me brother here, we..

Patrick: Why're you tellin' them we're brothers, you idiot? That's going to make it hard for them to find us, isn't it?

Derrick: I'm trying to be honest with these people. We've put them through a lot today.

Patrick: Fuck these people, fuck your cause. That shit's over. Ireland's not the only thing that's green, dollars are too.

Derrick: Now you've said bloody Ireland, that's gonna narrow the search ain't it?

Patrick: Fuck you, take the needle out your arm then tell me what to do.

Derrick: I'll let you tell me what to do, when you stop shoving half of Bolivia up your nose every Saturday night!

Eugene Reaper: Motherfucker!

(Eugene draws a concealed pistol and kills Michael)

Niko: Fuck!

Patrick: We told you not to fuck with us! Shit, Michael! Saint fucking Michael!

(The PE4 explodes)

Derrick: Fucking shit!

Patrick: Get the money. Me and my brother will watch the kids.

(Niko goes to the vault and collects the money)

Derrick: Everyone keep your heads down.


Derrick: Eyes on the floor, people.

Derrick: We just want to take the bank's money and get out of here.

Derrick: We're nearly done here. Keep calm, people.

Derrick: There's been too many casualties already. Don't make this any more difficult.

(If Niko kills any hostages)

Patrick: Control yourself, you sick fuck.

Patrick: We don't want no civilian casualties.

Patrick: They're fucking civilians, man.

Patrick: Don't hurt the hostages.

(Niko goes back to Derrick and Patrick)

Niko: I got all the money I could. There's still some in there though.

Patrick: We ain't got time to go back in. Let's move out, boys.

(NOOSE and LCPD show up at the bank)

NOOSE: Move in! Move in! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on, let's do this people.

LCPD: Let's handle this peacefully. We have you surrounded.


LCPD: You're trapped. Lay your weapons down and surrender.

Patrick: It's a bacon factory out there. Shit.


Patrick: We got company, people.

Patrick:Stick to me, boys. We gotta get this cash out of here.


Patrick: Alright boys, follow my lead and we might all make it home.

(The three begin fighting the NOOSE and LCPD)

Derrick: Christ! This is like being back in the Troubles!

Derrick: Back off. The money's ours now.

Patrick: The cash is ours now!

Patrick: You ain't taking me down!

Patrick: Motherfuckers!

Patrick: Let us go fucking peaceful like!

Patrick: Screw you all!

Niko: We just made a withdrawal, what's the problem.

Niko: Back off. The money's ours now.

Niko: I ain't giving up this money.

Niko: You don't wanna die for the bank's cash.

Niko: I ain't going to jail in this country.

Niko: I got plans for this money. I ain't dropping it.

Niko: I'm fighting for this cash.

Niko: Go back home to your kids. You don't wanna die here.

Niko: You don't want to get in my way.

Derrick: I'm under heavy fire boys!

Derrick: They're tearing me apart here.

Derrick: Shit, they got me pinned down.

Derrick: I haven't seen combat like this since Belfast.

(If Niko gets shot)

Patrick: Watch the bags, boys. We don't want holes in our notes.

Patrick: Don't get this money shot up, boys.

Patrick: Make sure these pricks don't shoot the bags. Notes with bullet holes in 'em are gonna be mighty hard to get rid of.

(The three run into LCPD and NOOSE in the alleyway)

Derrick: Niko, take these guys out.


Derrick: Clear the area, Niko.

Derrick: Get these guys off our backs, Niko.

Derrick: Niko, you gotta take these guys down.

Derrick: I ain't being arrested, Niko. Get rid of these guys.

(The three move up the alleyway)

Patrick: Come on, boys.

Patrick: This way.

Patrick: Don't lose me, boys.

Patrick: Follow me, come on.

Patrick: Follow me, alright?

(The three go up the street from the bank)

Patrick: Down this street, boys.


Patrick: This is the way we're going.

Patrick: We're heading along here.

Patrick: Stay on this street, boys.

(The three run into reinforcements in Chinatown)

Derrick: Do they really need to send another van load of these guys?

Derrick: Shit, another car load of fucking cops.

Derrick: Jesus, another van load of these aggressive bastards.

Derrick: Dammit, more fucking N.O.O.S.E. guys.

Derrick: Another van load of these guys, God give me strength.

Derrick: The National Office of Security Enforcement has really got it in for us.

Derrick: Another fucking car load.

Derrick: There's another damn car load of them.

Derrick: Shit, they've sent reinforcements.

Derrick: Every police officer in Algonquin's gotta be here.

(The three reach Chinatown)

Derrick: Chinatown always smells like Chinatown no matter where you are or how much gun powder is in the air.


Derrick: I ain't been here since Frankie threw me a farewell dinner when I was going to Ireland. That was a lifetime ago.

Derrick: Shit, you don't never know what you're dealing with when you're in Chinatown.

(The three get through Chinatown)

Patrick: Down the alley, boys.


Patrick: Duck in here.

Patrick: Get down this alleyway, now.

(The three run into a NOOSE Annihilator)

Derrick: Shit, they sent a chopper after us. There ain't no getting away. We're done.

Patrick: Control yourself, Derrick. I got a plan.

Niko: Let's bring this fucker down. Empty everything we got into him.

Patrick: We ain't doing that neither. Follow me. We'll lose them in the subway.

(The three go down the subway entrance and find more LCPD and NOOSE)

Derrick: Shit, they've followed us down here. They're in the subway too.


Derrick: The cops is down here too. Check over there, boys.

Derrick: They're after us, boys. Check the other platform.

(The three kill more LCPD and NOOSE on the platforms)

Patrick: Alright, boys. The only way we got to go is along the tracks. Come on.


Patrick: We ain't go no choice, people. We gotta head onto the track.

(the three run through the subway tracks)

Patrick: These cops is gonna fucking trap us in this tunnel. Shit!


Patrick: We can't let these cops pin us down in here. Fuck!

(The three kill more NOOSE that come after them)

Patrick: Stick to the tracks, Niko. Come on.


Patrick: Niko, follow us on the tracks.

(The three run in the tunnel and a train cart almost hits Patrick)

Patrick: You almost lost me and a big bag of money there, boys.


Patrick: Shit, that was closer than I'm comfortable with.

Patrick: You coulda mixed the explosive better couldn't ya, Derrick?

Derrick: And you coulda been more careful of your boy Michael. He should be with us right now.

Niko: Michael was unlucky. It wasn't anybody's fault what happened to him and the explosives did its job. Both of you shut the fuck up.

(The three find the service exit)

Patrick: That's gotta be a way outta here, boys. Come on.


Patrick: That's gotta be a service exit. Let's hit it.

Patrick: Up, up, up. Come on, let's go.


Patrick: You're doing fucking great, boys. Let's get up these stairs.

Patrick: We got some climbing to do, boys. Hold onto your money.

(The three get out of the service exit)

Patrick: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, Michael. Dammit. I coulda been nice to him for once in my fucking life. Kid only wanted to help.

Derrick: He loved you, Packie. He was happy you spoke to him. Didn't matter what you was saying.

Patrick: Yeah, well, now I gotta explain to his folks that their son is lying dead on the floor of a bank in Algonquin.

Derrick: We'll give them his cut. When your kid is living the life, you gotta expect someone to come through the door and break this sorta news.

Niko: That does not make it any easier to hear. And we aren't safe yet.

Patrick: Eye on the road, Niko. We don't want you to have to break no bad news to our ma.

Niko: Neither do I.

(Niko drives Patrick and Derrick back to their house)

Derrick: Thanks, Niko. You're a damn good man.

Niko: I wasn't just driving you two, the money was in the car as well. Remember that.

Patrick: We won't forget it, Niko. Here's your cut. I'll tell Gerry you did good. He might gibe you a call or something.

Alternate dialogue

Patrick: Gerald was very clear about the way things is going down, boys. Me and Michael are on the civilians, Derrick and Niko are on employees. Derrick, did you sort out the charge for the vault door?

Derrick: What's that mean? Of course I sorted out the charge. What you think I been doing all day?

Patrick: I dunno. Nodding off with a needle sticking outta your arm?

Derrick: Patrick, you was such a sweet little boy when I left this city.

Patrick: You was gone a long time, Derrick. From what I remember, you've changed too.

Niko: This is an emotional moment, I can feel the brotherly love in the air. Maybe we should just talk about the job though?

Patrick: Sure. So, Derrick, you got the charge rigged up to your phone?

Derrick: Had a bit of trouble with that. Couldn't find a pager to rig the blasting cap to. Had to put the thing on a timer.

Patrick: Alright, alright, we can roll with a timer. That's cool. Niko, when the door blows, I want you and Michael to go down into the vault and get the cash. Grab as much as you can carry.

Niko: Okay.

Michael: Don't need to tell me twice, Packie. I'm ready to go. Pumped, is what I am.

Patrick: Thanks, Michael. Knew I could count on the dumbest member of the group to throw himself into proceedings the most willingly.

Michael: I was just saying how I'd do what you said, Packie. No need to get abusive.

Patrick: There was no need for a brother and sister to get married, but your parents did that and now you're here.

Derrick: I can think of one reason they needed to get married. They was so ugly that no one else would have 'em.

Patrick: Nothing like a sibling's love, eh Derrick?

Derrick: Nothing like it. Nothing could make me love Francis, though.

Patrick: Fucking Frankie, he'd be pissed if he could see us now.

(Derrick, Patrick, and Niko head back to Dukes)

Patrick: That didn't go to fucking plan.

Derrick: Never does, Patrick. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. You just gotta hope no one gets killed when they do.

Patrick: Michael didn't get lucky? did he? Fucking have-a-go-hero. What was he thinking? He shoulda sat tight.

Derrick:He's sitting tight now. Paid for his stupidity. Man, I'm jumpy.

Patrick: You can get dosed all you like when Niko gets us back.

Derrick: You're a good man to have around, Niko. A damn good man.

Niko: Tell me that when I've got you home.

Other dialogue

(Having a car without enough seats)

Derrick: Shit, Niko. You want to leave one of us behind? Get something we're all get something we're all gonna fit in.

Derrick: You think me, me brother and the money are gonna fit in that thing? Get something bigger.

(Receiving a wanted level)

Patrick: We got more cops on us, people.

Patrick: Heads up. Here's another cop car.

Patrick: More cops are joining in the party, boys.

Patrick: Cop car, boys! Watch it.

Patrick: Just what we needed, boys. More fucking cops.

Post mission phone calls


Gerald: Niko, my boy, this is Packie's brother Gerald McReary.

Niko: Gerry, how's it going?

Gerald: Good. Got a little business opportunity I need your help with. Come and see me at my ma's house. Use the back entrance.


Patrick: Niko, I got a favor to ask ya.

Niko: What is it?

Patrick: Well, you've been spending time with the rest of my family, I figured you may as well complete the set. You remember my brother Derrick, came along on the bank job?

Niko: Sure...

Patrick: He's in a bad way. Last I heard he was spending his hours in some park in Acter. Go down and check on him? Me and Gerald will cover any expenses incurred.

Niko: Alright man, I'll go find him.

Failing the mission

Derrick dies

Patrick: Me brother's bought it. Shit, Derrick... We lost Michael and Derrick, it ain't worth it.


Patrick: It was meant to be easy, Niko. It was meant to be fun. Shit. See you round.

Patrick dies

Derrick: I'm gonna go drown my sorrows. I'll speak to you soon.


Derrick: Shit, I hope me dealer will front me another dime bag. I'll call ya, Niko.

Derrick: There's only one thing that's gonna make me forget about this fuck up. See ya.

Too many hostages killed

Patrick: I'm not taking that fucking blood money. Them people didn't need to die.

Niko: No one needs to die, it's just bad luck when you do. Wrong time, wrong place. I'll see you around.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Patrick: A whole van fulla N.O.O.S.E boys..

Patrick: Ain't no one coming at us from the right, people.

Patrick: Alright boys, it's every man for himself until we get past these guys.

Patrick: Alright man, get these guys, will ya?

Patrick: Alright, Niko. Take us back to my ma's, will ya?

Patrick: Alright, we make a move around the back. Follow me.

Derrick: Another fucking truck full of 'em. They're blocking us in.

Patrick: Are you fucking crazy? There's no way we'll lose the cops in a police cruiser.

Niko: Both of you shut up. You're behaving like children.

Patrick: Bring that shithead down, Niko.

Patrick: Bring them down, Niko.

Patrick: Can you get us some transport, Niko?

Patrick: Check to the right for us, Niko.

Patrick: Clear the area for us, Niko.

NOOSE: Clear the area, please clear the area.

Patrick: Come on, into this car park.

Patrick: Come on, keep your heads.

Patrick: Come on, think of the money, people.

Patrick: Cover us while we make a run for it, Niko.

Derrick: Dammit, boys.

NOOSE: Do your job, boys. Drop 'em!

Patrick: Don't be fucking stupid, get in cover, Niko.

Derrick: Don't stand in our way because we don't want to hurt you.

Patrick: Down these stairs, men. Come on.

Patrick: Easy as fucking pie.

Derrick: Everybody get down. We don't want no one hurt who don't gotta be.

Patrick: Eyes right, okay?

Niko: Eyes to the front, Niko.

Patrick: Find some cover, Niko.

Derrick: Fine some cover, Packie.

NOOSE: Fire! Fire! Don't let 'em outta here.

Derrick: Frankie's gonna love this.

Derrick: Fuck you, Patrick. Fuck you.

Patrick: Fuck, boys. I ain't doing too good over here.

Patrick: Fuck, the door's locked. Shoot the lock out, Niko. we'll cover you.

Patrick: Fucking get rid of these guys, Niko.

Derrick: Get down people. Look after yourselves.

Derrick: Get down, we don't wanna hurt civilians.

Patrick: Get in cover, Niko.

Patrick: Get in cover, Packie. Ma'd be real upset if you got hit.

Patrick: Get in some cover, Niko.

Patrick: Get outta the fucking way!

Derrick: Get that boy over there, Niko.

Patrick: Get that fucker, Niko.

Patrick: Get through these bastards and then rendezvous. Let's go.

Patrick: Get us and the cash back to the house, Niko. Fuck.

Patrick: Get us and the money out of here, Niko. Fuck.

Patrick: Get us a car will you, Niko?

Patrick: Give us some cover while we run for the subway, Niko.

Patrick: Great, we're free from this fucking dungeon. Let's go.

Patrick: Guard to the left, Niko.

Patrick: Head across here, come on.

Patrick: Head into this car park, people.

Patrick: Head left, boys. Let's move it.

Patrick: Here come some heavy hitters, people.

Patrick: Here we go, boys!

Derrick: He's going to love the fact that us boys pulled off the biggest bank heist in this city's history.

Patrick: Hold 'em off for a minute, boys.

Patrick: Hold these bastards back, boys.

Patrick: How is you, me and Derrick gonna fit in there with the money?

Patrick: Hurry up and shoot the fucking lock, will you?

Derrick: I ain't built for being underground like this.

???: I ain't gonna be around much longer at this rate. Fucking help me!

Patrick: I can taste the fresh air, boys. Can't have long to go.

Patrick: I could do with some chop right now!

Derrick: I don't like this.

Derrick: I feel like I'm in a fucking tomb.

Patrick: I got the front covered, boys.

Derrick': I got told this was going to be a smooth job. Real easy, they told me. No casualties.

Derrick: I guess I'm driving myself back. Bye.

Patrick: I need you to clear the area for us, Niko.

Derrick: I never shoulda come back to Liberty City. I knew Gerald would get me back into this shit.

Derrick: I saw your eyes light up when you thought about all the drugs you could buy with this haul.

Patrick: If this was easy then everyone would rob banks.

Patrick: I'm getting screwed here, boys.

Derrick: I'm gonna give myself a double dose when I get home.

Derrick: I'm gonna knock myself out for the fucking cunt. Try to forget about all this shit.

Patrick: Jesus Christ, we didn't get into this for people to die. Shit.

Derrick: Jesus, Niko. You look like death. Come on.

Derrick: Jesus, Packie. Show some fucking consideration. Sorry if I'm a man of principle unlike you and Gerald.

Derrick: Jesus, they're blocking off the damn road. There's another truck full of those bastards.

Patrick: Keep an eye to the rear, Niko.

Patrick: Keep these fucks at bay, people.

Patrick: Let's charge through these fucks, people. There ain't no time for second thoughts.

Patrick: Let's get down here, come on.

NOOSE: Let's move it people, there's nothing to see here.

Patrick: Let's move it. Across here.

Patrick: Look out up ahead, Niko.

Patrick: Look right, Niko.

Patrick: Looks like we got a whole precinct worth a cops out here. Get in some cover.

Patrick: Looks like we got some more N.O.O.S.E. to deal with, people.

Patrick: Lose the cops before we go back to Ma's.

Patrick: Me and me brother will hold the pigs back. Get us a car, Niko.

Patrick: Moment of truth, boys. Let's go!

Derrick: Mother of God!

Derrick: Niko, find some cover.

Patrick: Niko, get in cover.

Patrick: Niko, make sure we're not being fucked from behind.

Patrick: Niko, that thing can't take all of us and this cash. Use your head, man.

Patrick: Niko, there ain't no way we're leading all these cops back to the house. Lose 'em.

Patrick: Niko, those guys is yours.

Patrick: Niko, will ya keep an eye to the left?

Derrick: Niko, you gotta hang in there. Don't die on us.

Patrick: Niko, you're leading us out of here. Let's go.

Patrick: Okay, boys. We're outta here. Follow me round the back.

Patrick: Okay, everyone split up.

Patrick: Okay, we're making a right up here. Come on.

NOOSE: Open fire! Open fire!

Derrick: Our argument's with the police, not innocent civilians. Get down.

Patrick: Our left side is secure, people.

Derrick: Packie, get in cover before you get yourself killed.

Derrick: Packie, get in cover now.

Patrick: Shit, a N.O.O.S.E. van.

Patrick: Shit, before the job even fucking started.

Derrick: Shit, I don't wanna die down here.

Niko: Shit, just staying here ain't going to work. There are too many of them.

Patrick: Shit, Niko. Check in front of us.

Derrick: Shit, Niko. Find some cover.

Patrick: Shit, Niko. Take him down.

Patrick: Shit, Niko. They're all over me.

Patrick: Shit, Niko. Will you handle these boys?

Patrick: Shit, there's a road block. Do what you can, Niko boy.

Derrick: Shit, this boy's causing us some problems. Take him down.

Patrick: Shit, this door's locked. Shoot the lock, Niko. We got you covered.

Patrick: Sure you do, you believe in the needle and its power to make the rest of the world disappear, while you dream of nonsense.

Patrick: Take that guy down, Niko.

Patrick: Take them guys down, Niko.

Niko: Take these bags.

Derrick: That boy's an issue, Niko. Get rid of him.

Patrick: That man's yours, Niko.

Patrick: That's a bad omen if ever I saw one. We didn't even get to the damn bank. I'll speak to you soon, Niko.

Patrick: That's a fucking sea of blue. Get in cover, boys!

NOOSE: That's government money they're carrying, don't let them get away!

Derrick: There can't be another truck full of them. Jesus. They're blocking the roads.

Derrick: The cops is behind us, Jesus.

Derrick: The fucking train is running us down. Christ.

Patrick: The fucks have blocked the road. Try to make it, Niko.

Derrick: The train's heading right for us. Watch yourselves.

Niko: There ain't no reason to get in my way.

Patrick: There ain't no way round these fucks, we're going through 'em.

Niko: There are too many of them, we'll die if we stay there.

Niko: Here you go.

Derrick: There's a fucking train coming. Watch out.

Patrick: There's light at the end of the tunnel, boys. We're nearly there.

Patrick: There's no way we're gonna shake the heat in a cop car, man.

Patrick: They ain't gonna get us from behind, boys. I got it covered.

Derrick: They don't make things easy for us, do they? Damn bridge is blocked.

Patrick: They got the road blocked. Try to get through it.

Derrick: They're behind us, the fucking cops.

Derrick: They're blocking the bridge.

Patrick: They've sent in another fucking van, boys.

Patrick: This ain't my idea of fun, boys. Would ya give me a hand?

Derrick: This ain't the type of thing I agree with. I ain't in it for the money. I believe in something, you know?

Niko: This ain't working. We need to get out of here.

NOOSE: This is a matter of national security, immobilize them!

Derrick: This is making me nervous, boys.

NOOSE: This is the National Office of Security Enforcement - come out now with your hands up.

Derrick: This is typical. A typical fucking McReary family screw up. Can't we do nothing right.

Patrick: This'll all be worth it when we're back at Ma's with the cash.

Patrick: Use your head, Niko. We ain't gonna be able to lose the pigs in a cop car.

Patrick: Walk in with guns and bombs, walk out with the cash. Simple as that.

Derrick: Watch out, Niko. Get in cover.

Patrick: We ain't going back to me ma's house with all this heat, man. Shake the cops.

Derrick: We don't want another casualty on this job. Hang in there, Niko.

Derrick: We got cops coming up behind us. Shit.

Derrick: We got cops following us, boys.

Patrick: We'll be laughing about this shit tomorrow, boys. I promise ya that.

Derrick: We'll hold off the police. You get us some transport, Niko.

Patrick: We're going across here.

Patrick: We're gonna head right, okay? Move it.

Patrick: We're heading right, people. Come on.

NOOSE: We've got a clean line of sight, take 'em down!

Patrick: Will ya look left for us, Niko?

Patrick: Will you shoot the fucking lock already, Niko?

Patrick: You ain't invincible, Niko. Get in cover.

Derrick: You ain't looking too good, Niko. Hang in there.

Patrick: You can get dosed all you like when Niko gets us back.

Niko: You carry these, okay?

Patrick: You did it, let's bust out of here.

Patrick: You don't wanna stand in our way.

Derrick: You gotta get that one, Niko.

Derrick: You knew what this job was when you signed up. Don't pretend that you're all holier than thou.

Patrick: You lead, Niko. Me and Derrick are gonna follow you to salvation.

NOOSE: You shouldn't be near here, please move on.

Patrick: You're guarding the rear, Niko.

Patrick: You're right. Let's cut around the back. Follow my lead.

Derrick: You've been beat up good, Niko. Pull through, okay?

No sound files:

  • Niko! Cover!
  • Watch out, Packie. Get in some cover.