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The following is a script of the mission "To Live and Die in Alderney" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Phil: Okay. I'll see ya later.

Angie: Yeah, okay. I'll see you later.

Phil: You take care now.

Angie: Give me a call.

Niko: Hey.

Phil: It's not what it looks like...

Niko: Okay.

Phil: It's not like that. We talk. So do us all a favor and keep quiet.

Niko: Sure. But, Phil - and... I don't mean to take advantage, but... maybe I need help one time. Maybe I can give you a call?

Phil: What do you mean?

Niko: I mean... I need to find something out about someone. Maybe you can help.

Phil: Are you fucking blackmailing me?

Niko: No! I'm asking for a favor. Why do you think I put my neck on the line for you? Because I need help with something.

Phil: You know, since you don't look like you're full of crap, how could I say no? Enough of this chit-chat. C'mon, let's go.


Phil: We're heading back up to that old house off Beaverhead Avenue in Westdyke. It's about time to pick up that H that my nephew's been sitting on.

Niko: It's just been sitting there?

Phil: Yeah, call it a cooling off period. We took it, but we don't know who was watching it beforehand.

Niko: So, you just left it with Frankie?

Phil: Yeah, we put it in an isolated place, hopefully any attention it was getting would be noticed. Frankie's one guy, he can disappear real easy if the Feds show. Plus, he's a smart kid. He's related to my ex-wife and she was smart enough to ruin my life with one law suit.

Niko: So, it's been long enough. You think we're gonna be okay to pick it up? No trouble?

Phil: Look, I don't ever assume something's gonna go down easy, without any trouble. That's what keeps me alive and outta the pen. We'll see when we get there.

Niko: As long as we don't see any helicopters, vans, suspicious gardeners talking into earpieces. If none of that's going on then we're okay?

Phil: Yeah, you fucking laugh. Laugh all you want.

(Niko drives Phil to the house)

Phil: There you are. Frankie, you been keeping your eyes open out here? You seen anyone snoopin' around?

Frankie: I ain't seen a soul, boss. It's a ghost house. I got the horse loaded into two cars for you.

Phil: I dunno, this don't feel right. Shit Frankie, you dumb fuck. The Feds have been watching us all along. Niko, get in that car and follow me.

(Niko gets in the car and follows Phil)

Niko: Are you fucking blind? You don't notice the fifty feds watching these cars? I thought Phil was just paranoid.

Frankie: Gimme a break, man. I got a lot on my mind, you know? I didn't have much time to scope this out. My ma's kinda sick. I been looking after her. And my sister, I been putting her through college.

Niko: Shut up, these Feds are all over me.

Frankie: I'm sorry man. It's just... I only got married the other day. God, I love that kid. You wanna see a picture?

Niko: I don't want to see a fucking picture. I'm trying to get us out of this situation. Maybe then you can spend time with your wife instead of some jailhouse bitch.

(While driving Frankie will attack the FIB cars)

Frankie: Screw you, scumbags.

Frankie: Deal with the Feds, Niko.

Frankie: They're all over the boss, Niko.

Frankie: The Feds don't fuck with the boss and get away with it. Get close to them.

Frankie: Get me close to the boss and I'll take out that Fed car.

Frankie: Can't these fucking Feds let up for a minute.

Frankie: We can't let those Feds run the boss off the road, get them.

Frankie: Don't lose the boss, man. I got no idea where we're headin'.

Frankie: Shit, I think we're losin' him.

Frankie: Put your foot down, catch up to him.

Frankie: Crap, we're losing him. We're screwed.

Frankie: Speed up Niko, we're screwed otherwise.

Frankie: Ah God, we're gonna lose the boss.

Frankie: Damn Feds.

Frankie: The Feds are all over us, man.

Frankie: Crap, the Feds are hammering us.

Frankie: You like that?

Frankie: Eat this, pigs.

Frankie: Have some of that.

Frankie: Shit, I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Frankie: God they ain't making it easy, are they?

(While escaping, Phil calls Niko)

Phil: Niko, they're all over us. We're ditching the cars and going on foot. Park up behind me when I stop.

Niko: Alright.

(Phil and Niko stop their cars and fend off the LCPD)

Phil: Frankie, Niko, grab the stuff from the trunk and follow me. I got a van we can use. More fucking bacon, shit.

(More LCPD arrive)

Phil: I smell the police, watch it.


Phil: More damn cops.

Phil: The cops are on us, Niko.

Phil: The Feds aren't learning their lesson, there's more of them.

Phil: We got more company.

(If Niko falls behind)

Phil: We don't got all day, come on.

Phil: What're you waiting for?

Phil: Pick up the pace, Bellic.

Phil: Stick close, Niko.

Phil: Get a move on, we ain't sight seeing over here.

Phil: Up the fucking pace moron.

Phil: Let's hustle Niko... move it, move it, move it.

Phil: Come on, move it.

Phil: Hurry up.

Phil: Come on Niko, chop fucking chop.

Phil: Hurry this shit up.

(The three make it to the van)

Phil: Niko, that's the van. We gotta get to a safe house.


Phil: Niko, that's the van. We gotta get back to the pizza place in Westdyke.

(A police helicopter arrives)

LCPD: Put your bags down and lie on the ground.

LCPD: We will fire if you fail to surrender what you are carrying.

LCPD: Drop your guns and your bags, now. Let us take you into custody.

LCPD: There's no way out of this. Give up your bags and weapons.

Phil: If you wanna get rid of the chopper there's some fire power in the back.

(Niko destroys the helicopter)

Phil: Can you get these cops off of us?


Phil: Shit, I ain't made for this sort of stress. Cant we lose the heat already?

Phil: These cops ain't flipping me if I'm caught. And they better not flip you either.

Phil: I don't feel comfortable with all these cops on us.

Phil: We gotta lose this heat, Niko.

(Niko loses the cops, if Frankie is alive)

Frankie: Damn, this is a wild ride. I didn't think I was gonna come outta that one.

Phil: You're fucking lucky that you did. Lucky any of us did.

Frankie: Don't I know it, Phil. I shoulda seen 'em. I've been telling Niko I got a lot on my mind.

Phil: Next time, mind on the job. This ain't a fucking joke. You got a wife, you got a ma, don't play around with your life.

Niko: Don't play around with other people's lives either. I don't want to take a bullet or a stint in the pen for anyone else's fuck up.

Frankie: Alright guys, shit. I'm sorry.

Phil: Niko, you done good for me. There's been some fucked up shit going on but you been keeping cool. You're a good earner. I got respect for you.

Niko: Hey, let's see if we get back before you start talking like this, shall we? This ain't over until we got the H in a safe place.

Phil: You're damn right.

(If Frankie is killed)

Phil: Frankie, shit, the bastard's dead. This is one more reason for my ex-wife to hate my guts. He was her nephew, man.

Niko: He fucked up. Us unloading the H was his call. You don't need to blame yourself.

Phil: Ray's gonna be pleased about this. He's been trying to bang Frankie's wife ever since they got married. Poor girl. She ain't got much hope left now.

Niko: Don't think about it. He fucked up today and he paid the price. Admittedly, it was a high one. You and me are only here today because we didn't make the fuckup that Frankie did.

(Niko drives to Westdyke)

Phil: Nice driving, Niko. We're gonna be able to shift this H for a lot of money. Might just keep the Pegorino family's head above water. See you around.

Alternate dialogue

Phil: Okay, I had word from Frankie, my nephew. No one's been paying undue attention to the H we took off the Triads. We're gonna go pick it up.

Niko: I thought it was a wedding present for your nephew?

Phil: He's my nephew through my ex-wife, I might give him work sometime but I ain't gonna give him this load of horse. He wants anything except a bit of muscle work he can ask the bitch to take it out of the divorce settlement. Fucking cunt.

Niko: You had any more girlfriends since the ex-wife?

Phil: If you're getting smart about seeing Angie at my place then you can button it. The two of us is just friends. We talk. We both gotta take a lot of shit from Jimmy and it helps to speak about it.

Niko: I wasn't making no accusations.

Phil: Yeah, well, that's something that Ray likes to run his mouth about.

Niko: Ray runs his mouth so much that no one pays much attention to what comes out of it.

Phil: I believe it. I'd be dead already if Jimmy P listened to anything he's said about me.

Niko: If only the Feds knew how full of shit most wiseguys were. Then maybe you wouldn't have such problems with people turning state's.

Phil: The Feds know that wiseguys run their mouths, they love it. A Fed don't care if he's taking someone down on a legitimate beef or if it's total bullshit. As long as he can get his face in the newspaper and a blowjob from his wife, he's happy. Fucking Feds.

Failing the mission

Frankie dies early

Niko: Sorry, Phil, but we lost Frankie.

Phil: Dammit, Niko. We can't do this with just two of us. I'm calling it off. Ciao.

Car is destroyed

Niko: Phil, that stuff ain't around anymore. We lost it.

Phil: Shit, Niko. My half ain't in too good shape neither but I don't wanna tell the skip we lost it all. Ciao.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Phil: Fuck. He was a good kid, but he screwed up today and now he paid for it.

Phil: Shit, we can't stash the stuff with the cops on our backs, lose 'em.

Phil: Shit, you might be right there but that's only an attitude that's work for a lone gun like you.

Frankie: Shit. Uncle Phil's gone forever. Don't tell the other guys you saw me crying, okay?

Phil: Sniper on the roof, keep your heads down.

Niko: Sure, Frankie. My lips are sealed.

Phil: That's just the way it is.

Frankie: They're destroying us, Niko.

Phil: This thing of ours is built upon trust for everyone else in the family.

Phil: Well, you can't count on nothing going right. That's the lesson I've learnt today.

Niko: You can if you do everything yourself. If you don't rely on anybody else.