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The following is a script of the mission "Undress to Kill" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Niko: Dwayne?

Dwayne: Sup, man?

Niko: Not much. How are you doing?

Dwayne: I can't cope no more, man. I mean, prison was easy compared to this shit.

Niko: I'm sure it was.

Dwayne: Fuck it, man. Fuck it all! I mean, I used to have everything. I used to run uptown. Bohan, all that shit. Now, I ain't shit.

Niko: Hey, let's get it back.

Dwayne: No. I can't man. I ain't got the energy no more. I been stabbed in the back too many fucking times. I mean, there's bitches everywhere.

Niko: Well, I'll do it, for you, I mean.

Dwayne: Nah, fuck that.

Niko: Come on man, stop being so miserable. What did you lose?

Dwayne: Shit, man. This club... I'm talkin' a real gentlemen's place. It's called the Triangle Club, on Drill Street in Bohan. I'm talkin' real class, you know what I'm sayin'? But when I went down, some fucking gangsters came and took it.

Niko: Well, I'll clean out the squatters for you. No problem.

Dwayne: Man, you the real deal. I owe you.

Niko: Big time, but we'll talk about that later.

Dwayne: Man, you the truth.

(As Niko heads to the strip club, Brucie calls him)

Brucie: Yo. Yo. Yo. Yo. Niko, it's Brucie baby. How about we go check out some naked bitches?

Niko: Sorry Brucie man, I'm about to go see some naked women but this time it's business not pleasure. We have to hang out another time See you.

(Niko can listen to conversations to find the managers)

Gangster: Where's Jose, man?

Gangster: He's in the back but he don't wanna be troubled. You know how he needs to concentrate when he's counting up that money.

Stripper: Javier!

Javier: Bitch, you don't get it. It's Javier. It's pronounced like an H. H-AVIER. Yeah?

Stripper: What you mean, bitch?

Javier: I won't have no bitches calling me bitch, bitch.

Stripper: Whatever, Yavs. You're an interesting conversationalist.

Gangster: If you're looking to get some wood, you're gonna have to wait. Jesus test drives all the new bitches.

(Niko confronts Jose in his office)

Jose: Mira, I'm trying to count back here. There ain't no refunds on lap dances. I got a piece back here. It ain't worth it.

(Niko open fires in the club)

Niko: This is for Dwayne.

Post mission phone calls


Niko: Nobody's going to be partying up in your club anymore.

Dwayne: Playboy ain't gonna be happy.

Niko: What you mean?

Dwayne: He still did business with the gangsters that took over. Screw that. They fuck me, they fucked - right? Playboy gonna feel that shit.

Niko: Sure thing, man.

Dwayne: Niko, man. I was out today and I saw this bitch coming out a nail place. She looked just like my old girl, Cherise. The one you said you killed with Jayvon outside the arcade. You sure that was her?

Niko: Dwayne it was her. She screwed you over while you were inside. She's dead now.

Dwayne: Shit, man. I coulda sworn it was her.

Niko: Sorry, man. She's gone. Maybe things coulda been different in another life.

Dwayne: Word.

Playboy X

Playboy X: Niko, tell me it weren't you that shot up the strip club in Bohan.

Niko: You asked me to help out Dwayne, that's what I was doing.

Playboy X: Don't help him out when it fucks up my business interests. Damn, son. That ain't cool.

Failing the mission

Gangster(s) escape

Niko: Dwayne, one of the guys who runs that gentlemen's club got away. I couldn't get control of it for you.

Dwayne: Okay. No problem. Whatever. Call me some other time.