User:Chip2007/Grand Theft Auto Deliverance

Its been a year since chain of command was lost. For all we know, this tiny base out in the middle of nowhere, is all that remains of the US military. We are holding our own, but with each engagement we lose men and equipment that cannot be replaced while the enemy seems to have such an unlimited supply. Who would have thought they had the ability to plant nuclear devices in 3 US cities? Liberty City was first, two million people must have died as a result of the explosion. Washington and Los santos were wiped of the map. Airforce 1 was blown out of the sky, killing the president an his advisers. We struck back but it was useless. Without US support the enemy advanced over Europe. The EU put up a good fight but it didn't last long. England is holding up but the news we recieve from the Island doesnt give us much hope. While our spy plane has picked up a new enemy offensive, this will be our last battle, but my men don't know about the weapon we smuggled out of Isreal, aboard an andromada before the country fell. As long as someone is still alive the enemy is going down with us. This war will all be over soon.

Maybe in the future someone will stand for freedom, and freedom will be won as it always must be. But as it stands now, all is lost.