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This page contains quizzes for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.



GTA Vice City

Quiz 1

1. Who is flying the helicopter during the drug deal at the beginning of the game?

a. Lance Vance
b. Pete Vance
c. Victor Vance
d. Tommy Vercetti
e. Ken Rosenberg

2. What does someone say to Tommy Vercetti as he emerges from the Jocksport location during the mission Four Iron?

a. "Nice shirt, man!"
b. "What a chump!"
c. "Delicious!"
d. "Well, I'll be damned!"
e. "Nice ass, baby!"

3. After what mission does mainland Vice City become accessible?

a. Phnom Penh '86
b. The Fastest Boat
c. Jury Fury
d. Treacherous Swine
e. Demolition Man

4. How many vehicles can be stored at the Hyman Condos safehouse?

a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
e. 7
f. 8

5. What text is displayed during the loading pause when passing from one part of the map to the other?

a. Greetings from Vice City
b. Welcome to Vice City
c. Vice City
d. Don't read this
e. Nothing

6. What is the maximum revenue generated by the Sunshine Autos asset?

a. $3,000
b. $6,500
c. $7,500
d. $9,000
e. $10,000
f. $15,000

7. What name does Lance use while working for Ricardo Diaz?

a. Ralph
b. Quentin
c. Jack
d. Lance
e. Fred
f. Pete

8. What is the name of the time lock on the safe in the bank during the mission The Job?

a. Locktite 2000
b. Safelock 4000
c. Flange 9000
d. Safecracker's Worst Nightmare
e. Lockdown 5000

9. What two types of car spawn at Vercetti Estate?

a. Cheetah & Landstalker
b. Infernus & Washington
c. Cheetah & Infernus
d. Stretch & Infernus
e. Stretch & Cheetah

10. Where are the 3 Ammunation locations in Vice City?

a. Ocean Beach, Viceport, and North Point Mall
b. Downtown, Ocean Beach, and Viceport
c. Downtown, Washington Beach, and North Point Mall
d. North Point Mall, Downtown, and Little Havana
e. Washington Beach, Downtown, and Little Haiti

Quiz 2

1. What type of car is Ken Rosenberg driving at the beginning of the game?

a. Sentinel
b. Admiral
c. Washington
d. Glendale
e. Oceanic

2. What is the name of the island that Vercetti Estate is located on?

a. Prawn Island
b. Sandpiper Island
c. Seastar Island
d. Starfish Island
e. Sand Dollar Island

3. Which of the following vehicles is not on any of the 3 lists at Sunshine Autos?

a. Baggage Handler
b. Infernus
c. Stretch
d. Mr. Whoopie
e. Gang Burrito
f. Virgo

4. What is the first vehicle awarded in the Sunshine Autos showroom?

a. Sabre Turbo
b. Deluxo
c. Hotring Racer
d. Sandking

5. What is the name of the congressman that Candy Suxxx is photographed with during the mission Martha's Mug Shot?

a. Alex Bush
b. George Shrub
c. Alex Shrub
d. Avery Carrington
e. Bryan Forbes

6. What does Jethro call Tommy Vercetti when he takes over the docks asset?

a. Suit Guy
b. Suit Dude
c. Dressy Dude
d. Slacks Man
e. Mister

7. What is the livery on the trucks you are required to destroy during the mission Riot?

a. Final Build Construction
c. Big Gas Company
d. Spand Express
e. Shady Industries

8. Who does Mercedes point out first during the mission The Party?

a. Ricardo Diaz
b. Jezz Torrent
c. Alex Shrub
d. B.J. Smith
e. Steve Scott

9. What reward is given for completing 100 taxi fares?

a. $100,000
b. Colt Python spawn at Vercetti Estate
c. Jumping taxis
d. Immunity to wanted level for stealing a taxi
e. Turbocharged taxis

10. According to Phil Cassidy, what ethnicity is the gun runner you must kill during the mission Gun Runner?

a. Mexican
b. Puerto Rican
c. Cuban
d. Haitian
e. Dominican

GTA San Andreas

Quiz 1

1. Which vehicle was modeled after a Ferrari?

a. Comet
b. Cheetah
c. Infernus
d. Turismo
e. Banshee

2. Which vehicle below had its number of individual exhaust ports reduced from GTA Vice City to GTA San Andreas?

a. Cheetah
b. Sentinel
c. Sabre
d. Esperanto

3. How many wanted level stars are obtained for trespassing onto any of the northern territories on the map (Tierra Robada, Bone County, Las Venturas) before completing all San Fierro missions?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5
f. 6

4. Which airport in San Andreas has the most stationary aircraft?

a. Los Santos International Airport
b. Easter Bay International Airport
c. Las Venturas Airport

5. What is Wu Zi Mu's assistant's name?

a. Tadpole
b. Froggy
c. Guppy
d. Ernest
e. Ran Fa Li

6. Which of the following locations cannot be reached by jetpack?

a. Top of the Big Pointy Building (San Fierro)
b. Top of the black building to its south (San Fierro)
c. Top of Mount Chiliad
d. Top of the radio tower on Missionary Hill (San Fierro)
e. Top of The Emerald Isle casino (Las Venturas)
f. Top of the tallest building in Los Santos

7. What is the only time you do not automatically incur a wanted level when too near Easter Basin Naval Station?

a. At the beginning of the game
b. At the end of the game
c. During the mission Mike Toreno
d. During the mission Vertical Bird
e. During the mission N.O.E.
f. Never

8. Which of the following is one of the phrases Carl shouts when falling from a significant altitude without a parachute?

a. "Uh oh!"
b. "Oh my god!"
c. "I hate gravity!"
d. "Weak!"
e. "This sucks!"

9. What happens if you respond positively to a gang member from any other gang when talked to on the street?

a. He greets you and you shake hands
b. He cusses at you and makes rude gestures
c. He walks away
d. He starts fighting with you or shooting at you
e. He invites you over for dinner

10. What does Denise Robinson like to do while on dates?

a. Drive around
b. Drive-bys
c. Watch people in Glen Park
d. Drive recklessly
e. Run over pedestrians

Quiz 2

1. What is the name of the main (divided) north/south street that connects Los Flores and East Beach, and ends at Los Santos Forum, next to the freeway terminus?

a. Los Santos Boulevard
b. East Street
c. Saints Boulevard
d. Angels Boulevard
e. Unnamed

2. What is the name of the baseball team in Las Venturas?

a. Bandits
b. Thieves
c. Robbers
d. Croupiers
e. Card Counters

3. What San Fierro neighborhood does Katie Zhan particularly dislike?

a. Financial
b. Downtown
c. King's
d. Queens
e. Garcia
f. Hashbury

4. Which of the folowing San Fierro neighborhoods does not contain a safehouse?

a. Calton Heights
b. Juniper Hill
c. Doherty
d. Paradiso
e. Hashbury

5. Which civilian vehicle is the police car in Los Santos and San Fierro based on?

a. Premier
b. Elegant
c. Merit
d. Sunrise
e. Primo

6. How many Wheel Arch Angels locations are there in San Andreas?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

7. During the mission Are You Going to San Fierro?, what does The Truth give you to shoot down the helicopter?

a. Minigun
b. Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher
c. AK-47
d. Rocket Launcher
e. M4

8. During the mission Robbing Uncle Sam, what does Ryder constantly refer to the National Guard soldiers as?

a. Bastards
b. Dead men
c. Weekend soldiers
d. Part-time soldiers
e. Jackasses

9. What is the name of the main stadium in Las Venturas (location of side missions)?

a. Greenglass Stadium
b. Blackfield Stadium
c. Julius Stadium
d. Whitewood Stadium
e. Randolph Stadium

10. What is Regular Tom?

a. A character
b. A store
c. A tourist trap
d. A vehicle
e. A mission