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This page contains quizzes for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.



GTA Vice City

Quiz 1

1. Where does Cam Jones live?

a. Downtown
b. Washington Beach
c. Vice Point
d. Viceport
e. Little Havana

2. What does Phil Cassidy say to Tommy after completing the mission The Shootist?

a. "Son, after shooting like that, if you asked me to marry you, I'd say yes!"
b. "Son, after shooting like that, if you asked me to kiss you, I'd say yes!"
c. "Son, after shooting like that, if you asked me to be your wife, I'd say yes!"
d. "Son, after shooting like that, if you asked me to have your kids, I'd say yes!"
e. "Son, after shooting like that, if you asked me to go out on a date, I'd say yes!"

3. How many rounds are in an Uzi SMG clip?

a. 25
b. 30
c. 40
d. 50
e. 60

4. What vehicle is waiting for you after jumping from the rooftops while chasing the target during the mission The Chase?

a. PCJ-600
b. Angel
c. Sanchez
d. Faggio
e. Freeway

5. Why was Ricardo Diaz's VCR not working during the mission Supply & Demand?

a. He jammed a tape inside
b. He pushed the buttons too hard
c. He shot it
d. It wasn't plugged in
e. It was a piece of crap

6. What spawns on top of the Print Works in Little Havana?

a. Health
b. M4
c. Body armor
d. Uzi SMG
e. Adrenaline

7. During the mission Messing with the Man, how much time are you given to fill the chaos meter?

a. 1:00
b. 1:15
c. 1:20
d. 1:30
e. 2:00

8. What weapon is the rival cab company's leader carrying during the mission Cabmageddon?

a. Machete
b. Ruger
c. Katana
d. M60
e. Rocket Launcher

9. What is rigged to blow in the Love Fist limousine during the mission Publicity Tour?

a. Dynamite
b. TNT
c. Vodka
d. Boomshine
e. Gasoline

10. What are Lance's last words?

a. "Oh, you think so?"
b. "No one to cover your ass now, eh Tommy?"
c. "I told you I got enough of that in school!"
d. "You're history, Tommy. HISTORY!!!"
e. "No. I sold you out, Tommy. I sold YOU out!"

GTA San Andreas

Quiz 1

1. What two stationary passenger vehicles spawn on top of Mount Chiliad?

a. Sanchez & Camper
b. Quad & Sanchez
c. Journey & Sanchez
d. Camper & Journey
e. Sparrow & Camper

2. Where is Fern Ridge?

a. Flint County
b. Red County
c. Bone County
d. Tierra Robada
e. Whetstone

3. What is the name of the gym in Garcia, San Fierro?

a. Red Dragon Martial Arts
b. Master Cho's Martial Arts
c. Green Dragon Martial Arts
d. Cobra Martial Arts
e. Viper Martial Arts

4. Where can you find Katie Zhan in order to ask her out on dates?

a. Avispa Country Club
b. Ocean Flats
c. Hashbury
d. Junper Hollow
e. Calton Heights

5. What is the name of the ghost town in Bone County?

a. Aldea Malvada
b. Valle Ocultado
c. Las Brujas
d. Las Payasadas
e. Las Barrancas

6. What is the name of the highway bisecting Las Venturas into western and eastern portions?

a. Julius Thruway West
b. Julius Thruway East
c. Larry Diamond Parkway
d. Larry Gold Parkway
e. Harry Gold Parkway

7. What type of building is on the left, just after the tunnel, when coming into San Fierro across Gant Bridge?

a. A cathedral
b. A bank
c. A police station
d. A hospital
e. A skyscraper

8. What corporation's headquarters reside in Foster Valley, San Fierro?

a. Zombie Tech Corporation
b. Zombotech Corporation
c. Zaibatsu Corporation
d. Shady Industries
e. Solarin Industries

9. Where is Los Santos City Hall?

a. Downtown
b. Commerce
c. Pershing Square
d. Market
e. Little Mexico

10. What is the name of the intersection connecting Julius Thruway West and Julius Thruway South?

a. Pilson Intersection
b. Blackfield Intersection
c. Mulholland Intersection
d. Robada Intersection
e. Flint Intersection
f. Montgomery Intersection