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Torina skyline
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto 5, others
State: Wodige
Established: 1867
Population: 3,000,000

Torina is a fictional city located in Wodige, Canada and it is the main city encountered in Grand Theft Auto V. Torina is the largest city in Wodige and Canada. Torina is based on Toronto, Ontario. Torina is the richest city in the game with the lowest crimes. The boroughs of Torina contain most of the gangs and violence.

Torina features 4 boroughs, Missishina (Mississauga), Pickelville (Pickering), Oakvine (Oakville) and Yourk (York.)

City Information

As of 2010, the population of Torina is 3,000,000. The current mayor is Jean JuBois. A man only identified as J.K. is the Premier of Wodige. The city experiences all four seasons as, in the game, weather changes as the days pass. It rains, snows and even has tornadoes.

The area of the city is compressed in size, and the various landmarks are placed much closer to each other than in real life much like in Liberty City. However, the city alone is the size of Los Santos and Las Venturas put together. In Torina many more buildings are accessible than in San Andreas and 4 combined. The Torina High Rise is the largest tower ever put into a Grand Theft Auto game rising almost twice the size of the US Bank Tower that appears in San Andreas.


The Police are almost absent from parts of the city due to the low crime, however in the boroughs police are found on every street corner. GTA 5 is the first game to feature under cover police and police hiding on the sides of highways.


Hot dog and Hamburger vendors are present throughout the city as well as in boroughs. The largest fast food chain in the city is Pizza Stack. It is possible to rob fast food restaurants.


Image Borough Name Archetype's Name Description
Torina.jpg Torina Toronto Center of the Metropolitan. This is where Li grew up and where the center of everything is. Contains a vast amount of High Rise buildings including the Torina High Rise Tower which is possible to parachute off of.
Miss.jpg Missishina Mississauga Contains most of the gangs and violence. Cops here are hidden on almost every street corner. This borough also contains the GTA National Mall.
Pickel.jpg Pickelville Pickering The smallest of the four boroughs. contains a little crime but mostly privately owned shops. Also a large bay for fishing. Can take a boat to Liberty City from here.
Oakvine.jpg Oakvine Oakville The Industrial part of the metro area. Contains factories and other companies. Automaker, Karin's headquarters is here.
Yourk.jpg Yourk York North of Torina, contains much gang violence. Russian and Chinese gangs fight constantly. also contains one of the 4 airports found in the game.