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A few users (including myself) are working together to make a plethora of quizzes on Grand Theft Wiki. To help us, go here, or to give feedback on the quiz below, go to the talk page




Quiz 1

1. What is Niko's mother's name?

a) Milana
b) Milica
c) Michelle
d) Manal

2. Which Unique Stunt Jump is considered by many people to be the hardest to complete? (The incorrect answers listed below may not actually be in the game)

a) One in Alderney that requires the player to hit another jump just to reach it
b) One at Francis International airport
c) One in Algonquin that requires the player to perform a wheelie just to hit the jump (it's slightly off the ground)
d) one on Happiness Island because the only vehicle available is a Fork Lift

3. How many convertibles are in the game?


4. When does Francis McReary come in to the game?

a) When he calls Niko as an unknown caller, the player has to assume that someone gave him Niko's number
b) When Niko kills someone, Francis is the Police Officer on the scene
c) When Niko's employer/friend kills someone, Francis is the Police Officer on the scene
d) He is introduced by Manny, early on in the game

5. Which Irish song can Pckie sometimes be heard singing while drunk?

a) Danny Boy
b) We Cry
c) Joe McDonnell
d) Dying Rebel

6. What is the name of the restaurant where Niko meets Ray for missions?

a) Pastageddon
b) Drusilla's
c) Wok & Wok
d) The 69th Street Diner

7. How many LCPD Police Stations are found across Liberty City and Alderney?

a) 13
b) 14
c) 15
d) 16

8. How many of the LCPD Police Stations are situated in Alderney?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

9. What is the name of the mission in which Niko kills Vlad?

a) Time Up For Vlad
b) Stay Away Vlad
c) Father Vlad
d) Uncle Vlad

10. How long was Dwayne in prison?

a) 13 Years
b) 14 Years
c) 15 Years
d) 16 Years

Quiz 2