User:Kanzler31/GTA IV: Dardan's Story

JULY 8, 2008, LIBERTY CITY, USA, 11:08 AM.

It's such a warm summer July day in Liberty. I immigrated a few years ago and work as a loan shark with my 2 freinds Kalem and Bledar. Now, I was beaten by one of my customers cousin. I'm hurt, now wondering weather this ass is going to pay.

Dardan: Shit! Must get up! (Dardan gets up) Must see what my friends are up to, to see how they are.

(Dardan enters his car)

(Crashes into some guy)

Dardan: Hey! Dal nga rruga!

Driver: Hey fuck you!

Dardan: You too! (Speeds up.)

(A few minutes later, he arrives at the playground)

Dardan: Hey!

Paramedic: You can't go here.

Dardan: Shit! They're my friends! Are they okay.

Paramedic: They're okay. They were just beaten pretty badly.

Dardan: Can I see them?

Paramedic: Sorry.

Bledar: Hey!

Dardan: Are you okay?

Bledar: Yes, yes. This fucking Serb just came and kicked my ass!

Dardan: I see. I'm going to find out were the fuck they are.

(Dardan drives to Roman's Taxi Express)

Roman: Hey! Lee I'll call you later. No! I don't care if he picks his nose! Just take him to wherever he wants! He he

Roman: Hey! DARDAN? I thought Niko kicked your ass! Stay away!

Dardan: Pay up you piece of Slav shit!

Niko: Hey! Dardan! Get the fuck out of here! Odakle ste došli?

Dardan: You see, I always come back.

Russian Mafia Guy: Hey Roman pay up!

Dardan: Who the fuck are you?

Russian Mafia Guy (Rasputin): Hey! I'm Rasputin! I'll tear you a new asshole!

(Dardan punches him in the nose)

Rasputin: AAA! My nose! You broke it! MOMMMY!!!!!!

Dardan: Like I said, your cousin owes my some debts.

Niko: Stay the fuck away! AAAH!

(A brawl soon starts. Niko punches him in the stomach. Dardan, determined, grabs Niko's hand and breaks it and punches him in the face, knocking him out cold.)

Roman: Niko! Are you there?

Dardan: Next time, pay up!


(Dardan just drives away)