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Hey! I'm Michał (in English Michael, read my polish name like "Meahow") from Poland, known on GTA communities as Mibars. I'm interested in GTA since GTA1. I got almost every GTA released. I don't have GTA:London, and all GTA's released for portable game systems (LCS, Advance). I "specialize" in GTA2, which I'm modding (making maps, like MibCity, Oakland (unfinished), MibWay (in production)). What interesting I made in my maps? MibCity2.0 is the only map with "admin panel" in it, which allows you to change some options ingame, in Oakland you can find gunshops, and in MibWay you will find tank generator, rail and road crossings with working signals an some other stuff...

Why I registered here? To improve Grand Theft Wiki!

Jeśli jesteś z polski, to nie krępuj się, czekam na wpisy w zakładce "dyskusja" :)