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Michael Fleenor, big obnoxious "LOL" prevents his face from being visible from perverted freaks

Michael Fleenor, big obnoxious "LOL" prevents his face from being visible from perverted freaks
Full Name Michael Fleenor
Also Known As Jude, Nerd-Kid
Date of Birth [[Error: Invalid time.|1990's]]
Place of Birth Indiana, USA
Nationality [[Irish-American|Irish-American]][[Nationality::Irish-American| ]]
Home North Carolina, USA
Family Mother
Autistic Brother
3 Step-siblings
2 Cats
3 Dogs
Deceased Cat
Vehicles Blue Peyote
Black Marbelle
Grey Infernus
Red Turismo
Businesses Grand Theft Wiki user
OTer (Off Topic User)

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GTAIV-Boxart.jpg This user thinks GTA IV is the best GTA game
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Hi, I'm Ujellybro, but you can call me Michael. I'm just an ordinary user on GTW. I use Grand Theft Wiki for information on GTA games and still use it since. I love my family, especially my little brother that is diagnosed with severe Autism (Yes, it's real). I unhappily reside in the state of North Carolina in the corrupt country of the United States of America.

The only Grand Theft Auto games I have played so far is GTA San Andreas and GTA IV (including it's episodes). However, I am looking forward to buy more GTA games.


The only platform I am currently playing is my trusty Xbox 360. However, if parts will come in, my loving mother will build me a custom gaming PC, so that means more GTA games for me to play. I will also get the new PlayStation Vita on my birthday.

List of Favorite Vehicles

All of the vehicles I like in the GTA series. Vehicles are in alphabetical order. The list is unfinished.

I gladly own a yellow Infernus with a spoiler. Just the way I like it. You can get the uniquely colored Infernus after the mission Buoys Ahoy in the regular Grand Theft Auto IV.