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A Bullet in GTA San Andreas..
A Bullet in GTA San Andreas..
(Rear quarter view; driving school variant)
A Bullet in GTA San Andreas..
Appearance(s) GTA San Andreas
The Ballad of Gay Tony
GTA Online
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 2-door supercar
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Manufacturer Vapid (HD Universe)

They don't make 'em like they used to. Which is why Vapid designed the retro-classic Bullet based on the racing cars of the 1960s, back when nobody gave a crap about carbon footprints or the Ozone layer.

Official legendarymotorsport.net description, GTA V.

The Vapid Bullet is a supercar in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, it is referred to as the Bullet GT.



GTA San Andreas

The Bullet's shape closely resembles a first-generation Ford GT, making the car an anachronism; the GT wasn't introduced until 2005, 13 years after the game's events in 1992. The Ford GT40 was used as a racecar in the 1960s, but bears less of a resemblance to the Bullet. In a pre-release screenshot of GTA San Andreas, the Bullet is seen with a double stripe and a different hood, identical to that on the real Ford GT; the beta model is also portrayed in some renderings inside of Otto's Autos, a showroom in Downtown San Fierro. The change to a single stripe in the actual game may have been aimed at avoiding a blatantly obvious design influence from a car that wouldn't exist for another 13 years. Also, the Bullet uses a conventional door design, unlike the real life Ford GT's "aircraft door" design.

HD Universe

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the Vapid Bullet (known as the Bullet GT) still resembles the Ford GT, borrowing design cues like the waterfall hood scoop and body shape. The rear end, while similar to that of the Ford GT, also appears to be an amalgamation of various supercars' rear ends, including the ONUK Sazan LM, Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), Ferrari 330 P4 (to a limited extent), and Lucra L148; however, the former and latter are just coincidences as the ONUK Sazan LM and Lucra L148 weren't conceptualized until 2010 and 2014, respectively. The louvers over the rear windscreen and positioning of the exhaust tips are more similar to those featured on the Lamborghini Miura, while the plush interior, which features sport bucket seats finished in tan leather, is derived from the Grotti Turismo. The main body stripe no longer exists; however, the side stripes still exist.

Much like various newly designed cars in TBOGT, the Bullet GT lacks external badging indicating its manufacturer; however, police chatter refers to the car as a "Vapid Bullet GT" in the same vein as the Ford GT.

The GTA V rendition of the Bullet, now simply known as the Bullet, remains virtually the same as the TBOGT rendition.


0-60 mph acceleration, speed, handling, and braking are among the best in the game. The only real sacrifice is susceptibility to intense damage upon impact, especially at the excessive speeds the vehicle is capable of reaching. The vehicle is mid-engine, and has a rear-drive layout. A closer look at the engine shows six injector trumpets, suggesting that the engine is actually a low-revving V6 instead of a V8. The Bullet's in-game engine sound is shared with the Oceanic, Glendale (both variants), and the Tornado; the horn sound is the same as the Windsor, Flash, and Pony.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the Bullet GT is powered by the Turismo's engine, as proven by a "Turismo" logo on the engine cover; the engine is a modified 4.0 L DOHC quad-cam V8. The Bullet has a top speed of 220 mph (354 km/h), much faster than the real-life Ford GT. The Bullet has a neutral handling set up and is extremely balanced; plus, it is also fairly durable compared with other super cars, especially the fragile Comet. In contrary to all these high quality aspects, the high-revving can sometimes cause the car to lose control when turning or beginning to drive which usually can become a disadvantage in events such as racing. To prevent this, the car is normally driven with caution in mind.

In GTA V, the Bullet's performance remains virtually unchanged from its TBOGT rendition, but, with a top speed of 210 mph (338 km/h) (shared with the Turismo R), is only faster than the Voltic, the slowest supercar in the game. As such, the Bullet is more comparable to "Sports" class cars rather than "Super" class cars. The reduction in top speed meant the Bullet was made to be closer to the Ford GT in performance. It also has a 6.0 L 550 hp V8, according to legendarymotorsport.net. However, upon closer inspection of the engine, the Bullet's engine size is actually 5.6 L.


GTA San Andreas

The Bullet can be modified at a TransFender, but is only offered a bare minimum of modification options.

Italicized pricing denotes prices at the Las Venturas TransFender, which charges 20% more except Colors.

  • Colors
    • Car Color 1 (primary body color): $150
    • Car Color 2 (stripe color): $150
  • Nitro
    • 2x Nitrous: $200 ($240)
    • 5x Nitrous: $500 ($600)
    • 10x Nitrous: $1,000 ($1,200)

  • Wheels
    • Import: $820 ($984)
    • Atomic: $770 ($924)
    • Ahab: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Virtual: $620 ($744)
    • Access: $1,140 ($1,368)
    • Off Road Wheel: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Mega: $1,030 ($1,236)
    • Grove: $1,230 ($1,476)
    • Twist: $1,200 ($1,440)
    • Wires: $1,560 ($1,872)

  • Hydraulics: $1,500 ($1,800)


The Bullet can be modified at a Los Santos Customs outlet, with the following options. Wheels, Horns, and Resprays are excluded.

  • Armor
    • 20% ($2,000 in Story Mode, $7,500 in Online)
    • 40% ($5,000 in Story Mode, $12,000 in Online)
    • 60% ($8,000 in Story Mode, $20,000 in Online)
    • 80% ($14,000 in Story Mode, $35,000 in Online)
    • 100% ($20,000 in Story Mode, $50,000 in Online)
  • Brakes
    • Street ($8,000 in Story Mode, $20,000 in Online)
    • Sports ($10,800 in Story Mode, $27,000 in Online)
    • Race ($14,000 in Story Mode, $35,000 in Online)
  • Engine
    • EMS level 1 ($3,600 in Story Mode, $9,500 in Online)
    • EMS level 2 ($5,000 in Story Mode, $12,500 in Online)
    • EMS level 3 ($7,200 in Story Mode, $18,000 in Online)
    • EMS level 4 ($13,400 in Story Mode, $33,500 in Online)

  • Lights
    • Xenon Lights ($1,160 in Story Mode, $7,500 in Online)
  • Plate
    • Blue on White 1 ($40 in Story Mode, $200 in Online)
    • Blue on White 2 ($40 in Story Mode, $200 in Online)
    • Blue on White 3 ($40 in Story Mode, $200 in Online)
    • Yellow on Blue ($60 in Story Mode, $300 in Online)
    • Yellow on Black ($120 in Story Mode, $600 in Online)
  • Transmission
    • Street ($11,800 in Story Mode, $29,500 in Online)
    • Sports ($13,000 in Story Mode, $32,500 in Online)
    • Race ($16,000 in Story Mode, $40,000 in Online)

  • Turbo
    • Turbo Tuning ($50,000)
  • Windows
    • Light Smoke ($1,500 in Online)
    • Dark Smoke ($3,500 in Online)
    • Limo ($5,000 in Online)
    • Pure Black ($10,000 in Online)


GTA San Andreas
The Ballad of Gay Tony
  • Commonly spawns in Algonquin, especially the southern half of the island.
  • Fairly common in Alderney.
  • More common in multiplayer around these locations than in single player.
  • A unique white and red Bullet GT is featured in the mission No. 3. To keep it, abandon Mori and Brucie.
  • Used during Triathlons. The player can obtain a unique green and black Bullet GT in this event.
  • Used in the Drug Wars as a vehicle packed with drugs. Many of these have special paintjobs not seen anywhere else.
  • Henrique Bardas can acquire one for the player after No. 3.
  • Can be spawned using a cheat code, by dialing "227-555-9666" on the phone.


A GTA San Andreas Bullet on the cover of Yusuf Amir's magazine in TBoGT.
The white and red Bullet GT featured in No. 3.
The green Bullet GT featured in Triathlons.
  • The Bullet's default radio stations are as follows:
  • Certain Bullets in GTA San Andreas acquired through unconventional means may bear special vanity plates:
    • EA SUCKS (Easter Basin docks) - a reference to Rockstar North's hatred towards Electronic Arts at the time.
    • FUCK YOU (Easter Basin docks)
    • TOO FAST (Easter Basin docks)
    • CHUNKY (Burger Shot, San Fierro)
  • The Bullet and Super GT are the only two supercars in GTA San Andreas with permanent spawning points.
  • During Sexy Time (in The Ballad of Gay Tony), a magazine under the wad of cash featuring an early GTA San Andreas screenshot of a red Bullet is visible when Yusuf Amir opens his drawer for his wad of money for Luis.
  • In No. 3 (in The Ballad of Gay Tony), one of the goals is to get to 280 mph (450 km/h) with a Bullet GT. However, that speed can only be reached if the nitro is used, allowing the car to reach a maximum speed of 311 mph (500 km/h). This is the only instance in the game when the car can achieve this speed.
  • When Luis calls Henrique requesting this car, Luis will only refer to it as the "Bullet" instead of "Bullet GT".
  • The Bullet that appeared in the GTA Online gameplay video trailer has a similar paintjob to the Gulf Ford GT40 paintjob used during Le Mans.
  • The Bullet and Monroe are one of the few vehicles that have the rear louvers as stock.
  • In GTA V, the Bullet's engine sound is shared with the Feltzer, meaning the speedometers resemble those on 1980s Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
  • Legendarymotorsport.net claims that the Bullet is based on a racing car in the 1960s, a reference to how the Ford GT is based on the Ford GT40 racing car.
  • The Bullet is one of the few vehicles in the HD Universe to have a visible gas cap.
    • Gasoline will incorrectly leak out above the cap for some reason when the gas cap is shot at.