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Hey there buddy! How long have you been a part of this Wiki? If you're new, then Welcome! I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions about the wiki or the series (I'm a GTA fanatic) feel free to send me a message! I've been part of this Wiki for years now so I'd like to think I know my way around! Grand Theft AJ (talk|edits) 17:29, 9 January 2014 (GMT)

I'm glad you asked me that actually it's something I've been thinking A LOT about lately coincidentally. If we were taking into consideration that there is an HD Universe version of Carl Johnson, and if his story came to the same conclusion as it did in the 3D Universe, I would assume that Carl (if he's still alive at this point) is probably living a very lavish lifestyle (as he was by the end of the game). There are hints that Carl, by 2008 in the HD Universe, actually owns the clothing company Fruntalot as he is on the posters advertising it around Liberty City. Considering his brother Sweet was only for Grove Street and wasn't for reaching outside of those limits, I would assume he stood his ground and stayed in Grove Street. Since by 2013 Grove Street is overrun by Ballas in Grand Theft Auto V, Sweet was either killed, or forced out of Grove Street, probably living in one of the many properties that CJ had purchased around the State of San Andreas. Considering the Grove Street set would need their territory of Grove Street to stay they're ground (Grove Street is only one set of a larger faction called The Families, such as Temple Drive Families or Forum Drive Gangsters.) As for Kendl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando I assume they probably got out of the ghetto and lived a moderate to lavish lifestyle as well, considering Kendl helps run The Four Dragons Casino with CJ and Wu Zi Mu she is probably well off as well. So the big names like CJ, Sweet and Kendl could still be alive and well, however unfortunately the Grove Street set is no more. (Unless we get some "Take Back Grove Street" DLC for GTA V! That would be amazing! The ressurection of the Grove Street Families). Hope that clears anything up for you! Grand Theft AJ (talk|edits) 01:09, 10 January 2014 (GMT)

Yes, that helps. thanks. Been dreaming about a Grove Street DLC for some time. Rockstar obviously put it into the main game for a very big reason, so fingers crossed.

Yeah fingers crossed. There was not NEARLY enough gang aspect to GTA V. I was hoping for a lot more regarding the gang life and Grove Street. There was only like 4 missions where we get to kill Ballas and like 1 where we kill Varrios Los Aztecas, that was disappointing. So I'm really praying for some Grove Street DLC! Grand Theft AJ (talk|edits) 05:20, 10 January 2014 (GMT)