The Families

The Families
Members of the Chamberlain Gangster Families in GTA V.
Games: GTA V
GTA Online
Locations: Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos
Strawberry, Los Santos
Davis, Los Santos
Type: Street gang
Enemies: Ballas
Los Santos Vagos
Affiliations: Protagonist (GTA Online) (early 2013)
Trevor Philips (2013)
Colors: Green
Vehicles: Baller
Weapons: Assault Rifle
Micro SMG
Pump-Action Shotgun
Businesses: Drug Trafficking
Weapons Trafficking
Fronts: All Swell
Crystal Heights
Leroy's Electricals
Vanilla Unicorn
Members: Andre Barnes
Demarcus Bradley
Franklin Clinton
Tavell Clinton
Benton Cox
Lamar Davis
Gerald G.
Stretch (former)
Darryl Knox
Lil Rhino (deceased)
Tone Sampson
Slim Skills (deceased)

The Families are an African-American street gang based in Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry, Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The gang is involved in a long time feud with rival African-American gang the Ballas as well the Los Santos Vagos. Franklin Clinton, one of the protagonists of GTA V, is a member of the gang. The gang also holds a small amount of Davis but their hold on that neighbourhood was weakened when they lost Grove St to the Ballas prior to early 2013.


The formation date of the Families is unknown, however, their rivalries with the Ballas and Los Santos Vagos is in full swing by 2013. The Families also had a rivalry with the Los Varrios Aztecas but by early 2013 they had largely been forced out of Los Santos. In the early 1990s the gang had begun to win the gang war, however, with the leadership of the Grove Street Families turning away from the gang lifestyle, the Ballas and Los Santos Vagos began to reclaim territory and expand their operations. By early 2013 the gang had lost Grove St and other parts of the Davis neighbourhood but had managed to hold on to Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry. The three gangs continue to fight for supremacy in various aspects of criminal activity (most specifically drugs and weapons) and were able to boost their profile with help from an unnamed associate.


The gang is split into at least five distinct sub-sets based around the territory they hold.

  • Carson Avenue Families: This set is based on the Strawberry section of Carson Ave. They dislike the Chamberlain Gangster Families, the nearest Families sub-set.
  • Chamberlain Gangster Families: This set is based in the Chamberlain Hills neighbourhood, controlling all the neighbourhood, and are the largest set in terms of territory. Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis and Stretch are all members of this set.
  • Davis Neighborhood Families: This set is based in the western most parts of Davis.
  • Forum Drive Families: This set was set up by Franklin and Lamar without the permission or knowledge of the other sets. Stretch, after his release from prison, attempts to set-up Franklin and Lamar to end the set.
  • Grove Street Families: This set, no longer in existence, was based around Grove St and was once the largest of the sets in particular during the early 1990s. However, the leadership left the gang lifestyle behind and the set crumbled with their territory being taken by the Ballas. This set is fairly well known with Jimmy De Santa asking Franklin about it.

Sports Teams

The Families are known t support The Feud baseball team, the Dust Devils hockey team and the San Andreas Magnetics football team as all three teams use green sportswear.

Grove Street Families in the HD Universe

The existence of Grove Street Families is revealed in a conversation between Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis in the mission Hood Safari:

Lamar: Eh, you know Grove Street used to be Families hood.
Franklin: Grove Street Families. Man, long time ago.
Lamar: What happened to them dudes?
Franklin: Shit, I don't know. Could be dead. Shit, or could be CEOs by now.
Lamar: Probably living in some suburb somewhere, driving SUVs and shit, you know, soccer moms and shit, coaching little league football teams.
Franklin: Yeah, the suburban flight, huh? Probably so.
Lamar: That's gonna be me and you one day dog.
Franklin: If we lucky, man. Shit, at the moment, it looks like we're gonna end up the other direction.




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