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(Tommy is walking inside the depot, towards the dispatching booth)

Doris: Guess you're the new owner. What are you, mob? Cartel? You don't look Mexican... Anyhoo, i guess you better get on with the 'things are gonna change around here' crap, maybe threaten one of the drivers, go steady on Ted over there, he's just had his hernia fixed.

Tommy Vercetti: Well, yeah. Things are gonna change around here, lady.

Doris: Oh crap, sonny. Might as well leave this to me - I've been doing this for years. (On the loudspeaker) Now hear this. We are under new management and things are going to change around here again. Our new management, the - (Off the loudspeaker) Which gang are you?

Tommy: Well. I'm not part of any gang actually.

Doris: What's your goddamned name, kid?

Tommy: Vercetti. Tommy Vercetti.

Doris: (On the loudspeaker) Our new management, the Vercetti Gang, is gonna make sure we get no trouble. Capiche? Out. (Off the loudspeaker) Did you like the 'capiche'? I liked the 'capiche'. So this is how it's worked in the past. We run the firm as usual, if we get any trouble from rival firms, you beat the crap out of them. Then they beat the crap out of us, then you beat the crap out of them, etcetera, etcetera. You got it?

Tommy:: Uh, yeah, I guess...

Doris: Just grab a taxi from the garage if you feel like jumping in.

(Tommy enters one of the taxis)

Doris: OK, we got a high class fare needs pick up from Starfish Island - any takers?

Tommy: Tommy here, I'll take it!

(A VC Cabs driver pulls off and takes the V.I.P.)

VC Cabs Driver: This is my fare, back off asshole!

(Tommy destroys the VC cab)

Tommy: Come on, Come on. Get in, quick!

V.I.P. Passenger: OK, OK! Just don't hurt me!