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The following is a script of the mission "Weekend at Florian's" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone calls


Ray: Hey Nicky. You've been a decent earner for me and I appreciate that. I'm throwing you a bone.

Niko: What are you waiting for? Throw it.

Ray: There's some fanook called Talbot, Talbot Daniels, over in the Triangle. He's into me for about ten Gs, he says he might know something about Florian Cravic.

Niko: Florian?

Ray: Your days of searching are over, my friend. This guy should point you in the right direction.


Niko: Hey, Roman. Can you do me a favor?

Ray: Anything for you, cousin. Just name it. You want some women? I met this...

Niko: Is not that, I'm coming to collect you from the apartment. Wait for me there.


(Niko picks up Roman from their apartment)

Roman: There you are!


Roman: Come on, NB. You think I keep this figure by walking? Go get us a car.

Niko: I have found Florian Cravic. There's a man called Talbot Daniels who will lead us to him.

Roman; Talbot, I know him from some of the card games I play. So, you're finally going to kill Florian Cravic... You know, if this fucks up, the bad shit's coming down on my head.

Niko: What do you mean?

Roman: I mean, you fuck up and I take the shit. You kill the wrong guy and his friends will fuck with me to get to you. I didn't have no scars until you arrived. Now I am practically chopping board I have so many cuts on me.

Niko: You are a rich chopping board.

Roman: I worry for you, NB. Sometimes you just got to let the hate go. You really going to feel better once Florian is dead?

Niko: Soon, we will find out.

(The two find Talbot Daniels)

Roman: There he is. Let's go talk to him. He's always at the games held around Algonquin. Not too good either. I don't think I've seen him win a hand.

Niko: Hey, I hear you know Florian Cravic. Where is he?

Talbot: Florian Cravic? I don't know what you're talking about.

Roman: I been head to head with this guy a few times, NB. I know his tells. He's lying.

Talbot: Roman, what's this about?

Roman: He doesn't act well under pressure, NB. Beat him a little.

Talbot: Alright already. There's a guy I know, likes to be called Florian Cravic at... um... certain moments. Lives uptown somewhere.

Niko: Show me.

(Niko goes to get a car and Roman stays with Talbot)

Roman: Don't think you're going anywhere, Talbot. I'm going to go easy on you for now. But if you push me, you're in big trouble.

Roman: I'll take you down just like I did at that tournament.

Roman: Stay right there, Talbot. Don't think you can push me around.

(Niko gets a four door car and picks up Talbot and Roman)

Roman: Get in the car, Talbot.


Roman: Get in and don't try anything stupid, Talbot.

Niko: I don't want you to mess around. Get me to this place.


Niko: Get me to this place, my friend.

Niko: Talbot, if you screw me around you are a dead man.

Niko: When I find Florian... when I find him...

Niko: Where is it? Why aren't we there yet?

Niko: I have been waiting ten years to find Florian. Get me there.

Niko: You better be taking us to the right place, Talbot.

Niko: You don't want to piss me off today, man.

Talbot: Okay, ummm, if I'm right Bernie's place is somewhere Uptown.

(Niko gets a car and the three begin looking for Florian)

Talbot: Alright. Bernie's place. Where was Bernie's place.

Talbot: Bernie Crane. What have you gotten me into.

Talbot: Hmmm. Let me think about this.

Talbot: Hmmm. Okay then.

Talbot: I was really high when I last went to Bernie's place.

Talbot: Let me retrace my steps then.

Talbot: Now where was it again?

Talbot: Oh. This isn't easy.

Talbot: Okay, think Talbot. Think.

Talbot: Ummmm. Ahhhh.

Talbot: You know, you try to block walks of shame out of your memory.

(If Niko is required to go left)

Talbot: Ahhh. Hmmm. How about left?

Talbot: Alright, turn left.

Talbot: Go left here.

Talbot: I am almost positive that it might be left.

Talbot: I think, umm... I'm pretty sure it's left.

Talbot: It's left now.

Talbot: Left, alright?

Talbot: Left, okay?

Talbot: Left here.

Talbot: Left on this one.

Talbot: Maybe if you, ummm, took a left here.

Talbot: Okay, okay, okay. Just go left.

Talbot: Take a left.

Talbot: Turn left here.

Talbot: Uhhh, oh. Left.

Talbot: Ummm, okay. Maybe left.

Talbot: Well, how about you maybe go left and see where it takes us?

Talbot: You gotta turn left here.

(If Niko is required to go straight)

Talbot: Ahhh. Try going straight here.

Talbot: Ahhhh. Just go straight here.

Talbot: Alright, I'd keep going straight here.

Talbot: Alright, keep going straight.

Talbot: Don't turn here.

Talbot: Head on straight.

Talbot: Keep going up here.

Talbot: Oh, I think, if I'm not wrong it's straight.

Talbot: Ohhh, you might have to keep going here.

Talbot: Okay, head on.

Talbot: Okay, it's straight I think.

Talbot: Okay, you have to head on straight.

Talbot: Okay then... ummm... straight.

Talbot: Stay on this street.

Talbot: Straight ahead.

Talbot: That's it. Straight on.

Talbot: This is the way, keep going.

Talbot: Ummm, can you keep going straight.

(If Niko is required to go right)

Talbot: Alright man, turn right.

Talbot: Hang a right.

Talbot: Go right.

Talbot: Gotta go right, here.

Talbot: Let me think. Umm, okay, right.

Talbot: Okay... I think you should maybe turn right.

Talbot: Okay then, I guess I'd turn right here.

Talbot: Right!

Talbot: Right at this one.

Talbot: Right here, okay?

Talbot: Take this right.

Talbot: This is complicated. How about right?

Talbot: Turn right.

Talbot: Uhhh. Ummmm. Maybe right.

Talbot: Ummm, can you maybe go right.

Talbot: Ummm, I'm pretty sure it's right here.

Talbot: Well... ummm... okay... turn right. Turn right.

(If Niko goes too fast)

Talbot: Ease up a little, big fella. I can't see when you're going that fast.

Talbot: Easy there, man. You need to go slow if I'm gonna be able to get you there.

Talbot: Hey, slow down. I can't see the turns.

Talbot: Okay, I cannot work at this speed. No siree.

Talbot: This is impossible when you're going this fast. I can't see any of the turnoffs.

(If Niko drives into oncoming traffic)

Talbot: Aaah! Are you crazy? This street's one way!

Talbot: Help! You've taken a car down a one way street.

Talbot: What're you doing? This is a one way street.

Talbot: You trying to kill us? That traffic's heading toward us!

(If the player hasn't found it)

Roman: What are you doing, Talbot? You take us around in circles?

Roman: Don't be stupid, man. I know you are just taking us about in circles.

Roman: Don't fuck around, Talbot. I have seen this block before.

(If Niko gets a wanted level)

Roman: Fucking bacon.

(The three arrive at Bernie's place)

Talbot: This is it. This is Bernie's place. Are you going to kill him?

Niko: When I am done with Florian, he will be begging to die. That is the most your friend can look forward to. Get out of here now. You've done your job.

(If Niko kills Talbot)

Roman: Niko, you didn't have to kill him. He brought us here.

Niko: I needed to warm up. Let's go. Come up with me Roman. I cannot do this alone.

Roman: Of course, Niko.

(Niko and Roman enter the apartment)

Roman: Niko! Be calm... be calm...

Niko: Fuck calm. Florian! Florian! I'm here for you, asshole. Open the door!

(Niko kicks down the door)

Niko: Florian! I've come for you, Florian.

Florian: Ah! Go away!

(Florian runs away)

Niko: Florian? Is that you?

Florian: Niko? What the hell are you doing here?

Niko: What happened to you?

Florian: Oh, I started working out... you know, toned up the, er...

Roman: Florian? You used to work in the abattoir?

Florian: Oh don't remind me... Roman? You put on a few vanity pounds. What are you guys doing here? Why did you kick my door down?

Niko: I've come to ask you some questions.

Florian: It wasn't you, was it.

Niko: What wasn't me?

Florian: Who set us up. It was you or Darko. I thought it must be him. Oh, my God! You think it was me... that's why you're here. You've come to kill me! Well screw you, Niko Bellic and fatty Roman! It wasn't me. It wasn't! I wouldn't do that!

(Niko lowers his pistol)

Roman: Can we stop with the fat jokes, Florian?

Florian: It's Bernie now. After I came here, I wanted a complete change. So I became Bernie Crane. I'm sorry about the fat thing... you're still kind of cute.

Roman: Ha ha. Gee, thanks.

Niko: What are you doing here?

Florian: Well, I'm a lifestyle coach, and I teach an aerobics class... And I'm in love! He's married... it's so doomed. And he's in politics... he's the deputy mayor.

Roman: Bryce Dawkins? But he's so into family values!

Florian: Oh, that's just politics.

Niko: Where is Darko?

Florian: Dead, I hope! I'm not sure. I... I... I heard he was still in Europe, or Switzerland, or somewhere... but then I heard that you had joined the circus so information can be unreliable.

Niko: We have to find him. We have to find him.

Roman: I think he's a bit freaked out. I guess he thought seeing you would answer some questions.

Florian: So I see... well it's great to see you guys... we must do brunch.

Roman: Sure... see you later, Florian.

Florian: Bernie!

(Niko and Roman leave the apartment)

Roman: So, Florian has changed?

Niko: Yes.

Roman: He's moved on from what happened to you, you should've moved on too. What are you going to do?

Niko: He may not be here in Liberty City, but he's still out there. I will find out where Darko Brevic is, and I will make him answer for his actions. We know now that it was him. I need to be alone now, Roman.

Roman: Sure, I'll see you later then. Call me, okay?

Alternate dialogue

Roman: What is it, cousin?

Niko: I think I may have found the man I've been looking for.

Roman: Here, in Liberty City?

Niko: It appears so. Ray Boccino, the cockroach mobster, he knows a man who might know Florian Cravic. We're looking for a guy named Talbot Daniels. Hangs out in the Triangle.

Roman: Talbot, I know him. I came up against him in a few tournaments. Small world. I'd be rich even if you weren't here. I'm an entrepreneur. Things would have taken off for me.

Niko: Of course they would have. Look at your gambling career. What was I thinking?

Roman: I'm an innovator, NB.

Post mission phone calls

Ray (Talbot alive)

Ray: Nicky, you ice him?

Niko: He wasn't the one I was looking for.

Ray: Too bad, chief. I did what I could.

Ray (Talbot dead)

Niko: Oh yeah, I should probably say, you ain't gonna get those ten Gs from Talbot. He had an accident.

Ray: Shit Nicky, I was counting on that vig. You're a fucking loose cannon my friend.

U.L. Paper

U.L. Paper: So, I hear you've found the big bad monster you were after? Bernice Crane, the muscle Mary. Come on.

Niko: Fuck you.

U.L. Paper: You think I wouldn't have fingered him in a second if he was your guy?

Niko: You could have told me he was here.

U.L. Paper: I'm helping you find the man you're after. I'm not some reunite old boyfriends service. Look, I was in the army. I know it gets lonely. I know what it feels like to get close to a man.

Niko: I'm sure you do, but you said you'd help me.

U.L. Paper: I've already helped you but I'll help you again. Wait for me to be in touch.


Mallorie: Hey Niko.

Niko: What's up, Mallorie?

Mallorie: Roman hasn't spoken to you about anything, has he? Nothing about maybe asking me to marry him?

Niko: I haven't heard anything, but I'm sure it would be a really good thing for both of you.

Mallorie: Thanks and hey, Roman and I decided to be honest with each other last night. He told me about Vlad.

Niko: He did?

Mallorie: Yeah, thanks for helping him get rid of the body. He has such fire in his heart. I guess when he found out about me and Vlad he couldn't help himself. His love for me took over and he just had to kill him.

Niko: That's exactly right, he's an old school romantic. See you soon, Mal.


Roman: Niko, it's finally official. Since the moment I met Mallorie, I knew that she was the only woman for me.

Niko: Apart from those other ones you screw, right?

Roman: No, certainly not. They were just distractions from my one true love. I proposed to Mallorie, Niko. she said she would marry me. Now all we need to do is find you a wife and we can all settle down happily ever after.

Niko: I'm working on it, cousin. There's this girl I like - she's called Kate McReary.

Roman: I'll invite her to the wedding.

Niko: You don't even know her, Roman so please try not to embarrass me. Congratulations on the engagement.

Roman: Thank you, cousin.


Brucie: Nicky, what the fuck is this? Roman's getting hitched? The big man's hanging up his hunting rifle? More out there for ya, eh? Right? More for me and you buddy!

Niko: I have to admit, that was not my first thought when I heard. I'm happy for him.

Brucie: Sure you are, I'm happy too. Fucking happy. Brucie's ecstatic, homie. Just, you know, kind of gonna, gonna miss him is all.

Niko: He's not going anywhere. Him and Mallorie are only getting married. We all have to settle down sometime.

Brucie: You think I'm getting old? I've got the abs of a seventeen year old gymnast and the forehead of a toddler, baby. Brucie don't need to settle down just yet.

Niko: Sure, sure. Enjoy all that extra pussy then, Brucie. See you around.


Florian: This is a voice from your past Niko. Can you guess who it is?

Niko: Florian?

Florian: That's not my name.

Niko: Bernie, what can I do for you?

Florian: I need you to come around to my place Niko. Please, come soon.

Failing the mission

Talbot dies

Roman: Niko, that was unfortunate. There will be some other way to find Florian.

Niko: We were so close, cousin, so close. I will see you soon.

(Niko calls Ray)

Niko:I couldn't find Florian. Your man, Talbot, he was annoying the shit out of me.

Ray: Have some fucking patience, Nicky. I thought you was wanting to find this rat. I'll call you soon.

Roman dies

Talbot: Ahh, Roman's dead. I am not going to fill out a police report.

(Niko calls Ray)

Niko: Ray, I ain't gonna find the guy I'm after. Something's gone wrong. I don't wanna talk about it.

Ray: Last thing I heard, you was itching to whack this guy? Must be some heavy shit. I'll call you.

Leaving Algonquin

Talbot: Ummm. I really don't recognize this. I can't help you from here I'm afraid.

Roman: What you do, cousin? You should have followed his direction. This is too bad, cousin. Maybe we find Florian another day.

Niko: We will find him, I promise you that.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Niko: All that has changed is that I am hunting one man instead of two...

Talbot: Alright, fine.

Talbot: Alright, this isn't the normal route I take but keep going.

Talbot: Can't say I'm entirely sure about this, head on though.

Roman: Chill, cousin. If you go so fast we aren't going to find it.

Roman: Come on, NB. We won't ever find Florian unless you follow these directions.

Roman: Cousin, I know you want to find him soon, but you must go slowly to do it.

Roman: Cousin, Talbot is dead. We needed him to take us to Florian.

Roman: Follow his direction or we will never get there, cousin.

Roman: Get back here, Cousin.

Niko: Get in the car. You're showing us where Florian lives.

Roman: Get out of here. I don't want to see you at any more tournaments either.

Roman: Get out of there, NB.

Roman: He got away from us, NB. We're not going to be able to find Florian now.

Talbot: Here we are, this is Bernie's place. Can I go?

Roman: How're we going to kidnap someone with that car? Get something bigger.

Talbot: I think I can get us there if we keep going.

Talbot: I think we're close.

Niko: I will be calm when we find Florian. See you, cousin.

Roman: I'm not having Talbot sit on my knee. Get a bigger car.

Talbot: I'm pretty sure we're close now.

Roman: Niko, be calm. We will find Florian soon.

Roman: Niko, get out of the car.

Roman: Niko, you didn't need to kill him. He brought us here.

Niko: Now that I know it was Darko, he is all I will be able to think about.

Talbot: Okay, I don't recognize this but keep going.

Talbot: Okay, we're getting closer.

Roman: Put some pace on it, Niko.

Niko: Relax? This is not possible, Roman.

Roman: Shit NB, are you cranked on speed? We have to go slow to find the address.

Roman: Shit, I would've chased him if I'd known you were so slow.

Roman: Shit, NB. I haven't got time to sit here while you fuck about.

Niko: Shit. Fucking cocksucker.

Niko: Shit. Motherfucking shit.

Roman: Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey, NB. We won't find him if you are racing.

Roman: So, it was Darko Brevic who betrayed you. Now you know. You should relax.

Roman: Speed up, NB, he's getting away.

Talbot: Stay on this street.

Roman: Stop fucking about and get to this place, cousin.

Niko: There is no starting again. Darko Brevic may not be here in Liberty City, but he's still out there.

Talbot: Ummm, I might be lost but keep going and I'll see if I can get there.

Roman: We aren't going to find this place if you keep messing around.

Roman: We must go slowly to find this place, NB.

Talbot: We're nearly there guys.

Talbot: We're pretty near now.

Talbot: What has Bernie gotten me into?

Roman: What you playing at, NB?

Niko: Where am I going?

Talbot: Where's Roman? What's happening?

Talbot: Why have you left Roman behind, are you going to kill me?

Talbot: Why isn't Roman with us? What's going on?

Roman: You think we're stupid, Talbot? We have been here already.

No sound files:

  • Come on, Niko.
  • Florian has moved on from what happened to you, you should move on too.
  • I will find out where he is, and I will make him answer for his actions.
  • Start again like he did.