What Lies Beneath/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "What Lies Beneath", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.

Pre-mission text

Michael De Santa: So, I think I got all the pieces from Frank's sub.

Abigail Mathers: You did? That's wonderful news. Can you meet me back on the pier at Paleto Cove?

Michael De Santa: I can but the thing is... well, I'll tell you in person.


Michael De Santa: I found it. Well, here's the good stuff.

Abigail Mathers: You precious, precious man.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, but I gotta tell ya... I think the airlocks were tampered with.

Abigail Mathers: No... No... That's just normal wear and tear. It may surprise you to learn that along with being a beautiful, finely put together woman, I am also an expert in nautical engineering and glass degradation.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, but I mean... Look it's... Oh... Looks like Frank tried to scratch a message in with his last dying breath. It says, "Someone tampered with the airlocks."

Abigail Mathers: ...airlocks. How can that be? My poor Frank. It must have been his ex-wife. Very bitter woman.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, well, I don't know anything about that. I'm not a detective, you know, but, something doesn't ring true here.

Abigail Mathers: No! No! I know! The police are in on it.

(Abigail begins to walk away from Michael)

Abigail Mathers: I'm going to take this to the FIB. They'll know what to do. They'll know what to do.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, well, that's your business. Hey, ho, whoa! Said you were gonna make it worth my while.

Abigail Mathers: Yes, yes.

(Abigail walks back toward Michael)

Abigail Mathers: There, that should be plenty for your time and discretion.

Michael De Santa: It's ten bucks!

Abigail Mathers: Here's a signed photo of Frank. He was a lovely person. You would have been great friends. He loved his fans!

(Abigail begins to walk away)

Abigail Mathers: I've got to get going... to the FIB I mean.

(Abigail begins to run away)

Michael De Santa: You gotta be fucking kidding me!

(If Micahel follows Abigail)

Abigail Mathers: I wish I could have given you more, but the life insurance people have been such snakes.

Abigail Mathers: Well, thank you again for your chivalry, but I'll handle it from here.

Abigail Mathers: I hope you treasure that photo, there are only a few hundred of those left.

Abigail Mathers: I trust I can count on your discretion. In fact, probably best just to forget all about it.

Abigail Mathers: I'm a widow. I really can't be seen cavorting with another man.

Abigail Mathers: Finally the closure I deserve. It's been a long time coming.

(If Michael walks into Abigail)

Abigail Mathers: Is that really necessary?

(If Michael aims a gun at Abigail)

Abigail Mathers: Please! I've been through enough! I'm going straight to the police, I promise!

Abigail Mathers: Somebody stop the man! He's insane!

(If Michael attacks Abigail)

Abigail Mathers: Help! He's trying to kill me!

Abigail Mathers: You're scaring me!

Abigail Mathers: It's out of your hands now!

Abigail Mathers: This is all a big misunderstanding!

Abigail Mathers: I just want what's owed to me!

Abigail Mathers: You're clearly unstable!