Hotring Racer

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File:Hotring 1.jpg
A Hotring Racer parked on the street in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Hotring Racer is an unlockable vehicle on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a quite fast vehicle, and is used in the Stadium challenges in both games. It can be obtained in GTA Vice City by completing the import missions for the Vercetti Dealership, and in GTA San Andreas it is unlocked by beating the Stadium challenge. It is based on a Nascar vehicle. The Hotring racer is the second fastest vehicle in GTA San Andreas.

There are three variants of the Hotring Racer, they all perform exactly the same though. They all resembles cars from around the '80s: The first variant might resemble a Ford Taurus, the second is a Chevy Camaro (not completely similar with the Buffalo), and the third is a Chevy Monte Carlo (rear side window) and Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme mix (the grille).

Each variant of the Hotring Racer sports well known Businesses as sponsors that appear in Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the Hotring Racer made its cameo appearance in a racing commercial "Patriot 500" actually setting place in the Los Santos International Airport, where Carl Johnson drives around the Hotring Racer (with different colors) at the Los Santos airport runway.