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#REDIRECT [[Jock Cranley]]
|name = Jock Cranley
|image = JockCranley-GTAV.png
|game_1 = GTA V
|gender = M
|status = Alive
|home = [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]]
|nationality = United States
|businesses = Stuntman/actor <small>(formerly)</small><br />Government
'''Jock Cranley''' is a character in the [[HD Universe]] who appears in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. He is a former stuntman and actor turned politician, running for governor of [[San Andreas in GTA V|San Andreas]] as a Republican candidate.
==Character history==
Jock Cranley is a former [[Vinewood in GTA V|Vinewood]] actor and stuntman appearing in the [[1985]] film [[18 Wheeler Deathrace]]. In his gubernatorial campaign, Cranley claims to hate immigrants and the crippled and says that he cannot stand unions, cops and old ladies. Unlike his opponent [[Sue Murry]], Cranley believes that people should help themselves instead of looking for a helping hand from the government. According to a Los Santos newspaper seen in Murry's rivaling ad, he plans to abolish taxes by selling unneeded parkland and cutting school budgets by 98%.
*Jock Cranley's running for governor is a reference to real-life actor and later future governor of California [[wp:Arnold Schwarzenegger|Arnold Schwarzenegger]].
*The high-contrast red and blue image of Cranley seen in the preview, captioned "Dick", is a parody of the [[wp:Barack Obama "Hope" poster|Barack Obama "Hope" poster]].
==See also==
*[[Jock Cranley]]: an actor and stuntman in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]].
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