Multiplayer in GTA Chinatown Wars

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Multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars can be done both locally (DS - DS) or over Wi-Fi. There are many different modes of play available.

Local Play

The following descriptions are taken from the game itself.

Single Race

  • Compete against our friend in a no-holds barred race to the finish line. Too game for you? Earn laps in Death Race mode by killing your opponent instead of racing them.


  • Challenge your opponent to an entire season of races. Choose from four different seasons, each with five races.

Stash Dash

  • Steal the van, deliver it, and stash the cash. Sounds simple - but your opponent wants the same van and the same cash. Be careful, the more the van is damaged the less cash you get on delivery.

Defend The Base

  • Team up with a friend to defend your base against attack from multiple waves of computer controlled enemies. If the enemy destroys your base's vehicles before the game lose!

LC Survivor

  • Meet up with your friends, then shoot each of them in the face

Gang Bang

  • Attack the objectives, or defend them against attacks.


Co-op and death match games are available, as is drug and money trading.