New Model Army

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File:RC Goblin.jpg
The RC Goblin that you fly.
File:RC Bandit.jpg
The RC Bandit

Zero and Berkley are still at each other's necks. This is it - the showdown, both of their lives are at stake and the loser will have to leave San Fierro for good! Erm yeah, they take the RC thing just a bit too seriously. If Zero can get his RC bandit into Berkley's compound (safely) Berkley will have to leave San Fierro for good. However, Berkley has an RC chopper dropping many items on the path leading to the compound, therefore blocking Zero's route. You control an RC chopper, and you must remove these objects to clear Zero's route. You have a total of 08.00 to complete the mission. Zero has 3 bandits, so if one is destroyed he will spawn in another, but will have to start from the beginning. The bandit's health level appears on-screen. Begin by removing one or two of the barrels (land on top of them, and press 'Circle') and abandon them anywhere besides the path. Zero will tell you at what point he requires help, so be listening at all times. Get back to the base and pickup a wooden plank. Make your way to the two sections land seperated by a river, and release the plank (press 'Circle') to form a bridge. Now remove the next few barrels, and head back to base. Pickup a bomb, and drop it on Berkley's tank, which will attack Zero's bandit as soon as it reaches that point. Collect another bomb from the base, and blow up the second tank. Head back to base and pickup another wooden plank. Drop it to form the final bridge that Zero has to cross. Clear any remaining obstacles, so that Zero can gain access to the compound.