New Model Army

New Model Army
Zero asks Carl Johnson to help him defeat Berkley.
Zero asks Carl Johnson to help him defeat Berkley.

Zero asks Carl Johnson to help him defeat Berkley.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Zero
Target Berkley's compound
Location Garcia, San Fierro, San Andreas
Reward $7,000
Unlocks Zero RC as an asset
Unlocked by Supply Lines...

New Model Army is a mission and the last in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by electronics expert Zero from his RC shop in Garcia, San Fierro, San Andreas.


Zero and Berkley are still at each others necks. But now, this is it - the showdown, both of their lives are at stake and the loser will have to leave San Fierro for good. If Zero can get his RC Bandit into Berkley's compound safely, Berkley will have to leave San Fierro for good. However, Berkley has an RC Chopper dropping many items on the path leading to the compound, therefore blocking Zero's route. Carl, then, is there to help Zero out.


CJ: What's happening, Zero?

Zero: I'm off to engage with destiny, good or bad.

CJ: What the hell are you talking about now?

Zero: The hour of judgement is upon me and I must ask myself if I am a sheep or a goat. Carl, will you be my second? Here are some letters. I have left everything to you in case I don't make it. Please.

CJ: I already own it. What's wrong with you, man?

Zero: We are crossing the Rubicon. I am to engage in battle with Berkley. At stake, honour and our very lives. It's funny... I've never noticed before how beautiful this time of year can be... I may never again see Rome in the springtime. A butterfly...

CJ: C'mon with all the talking, man - is you going to battle Berkley or what?

Zero: It's a fight to the death! Come hither!

(There is a miniature battlefield on screen, complete with bases.)

Zero: Behold, No Man's Land!

CJ: Man, y'all take this shit seriously.

Zero: Berkley's headquarters is across No Man's Land. I'll drive the Bandit, you fly the Goblin and help any way you can! If I get the Bandit into Berkley's base, he must leave San Fierro for good! LET BATTLE COMMENCE! (after the battle) Haha! Haa! Berkley! You, sir, are a loser. Leave the field of battle in shame, pack up your crummy mail order business, and get out of my town! Carl, you were all a duelist like me could want in a second. Sir, I salute you!


The reward for completing the mission is $7,000. Zero RC also becomes an asset, which generates money that can be collected by the player.


  • Before removing the first barrel, if the player destroys Berkley's RC Goblin with a bomb and then his Tiger tanks using the obstructive barrels lying around them, which would be possible as Berkley's RC Goblin and Tiger tanks will all be indicated on the HUD map by red blips, the mission can easily be passed without the time running out or Zero's Bandit incurring any damage.
  • At any point before the use of the third backup goblin, if one uses the "blow up all cars" cheat, the player will automatically end up destroying Berkley's RC Goblin and Tiger tanks, but the mission would not progress since Zero's Bandit cannot be renewed or respawned.
  • As soon as the mission starts, any wanted level earned before starting would be rendered null and void since the battleground, although equipped with the city structures of San Fierro in the background, is devoid of any police vehicles.


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