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The following is a script of the mission "A Long Way to Fall" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Clerk: Oh! Table for one? We got a beautiful baccala salad.

Niko: I'm here for someone. I'm here for Ray.

Clerk: Oh, Ray? Why didn't you say so? Ray's a beautiful man, you know what I mean? He's in the back.

Niko: Thanks.

Ray: Hey, Nicky... how you doing, kid?

Niko: Fine.

Ray: That mick bastard friend of yours says you're okay.

Niko: Good.

Ray: That you're reliable.

Niko: Yup.

Ray: But can I trust you? Hmm? Why go through all this? Why stick your neck out? Why do all this work?

Niko: Because I need the money, and because I can't do anything else. And because I'm good at it.

Ray: Sure...

Niko: And because I am trying to find someone.

Ray: Okay, maybe we can help. Let's see how we do. So anyways, I got this friend, only the friend ain't my friend no more, because he ain't getting me the vig he owes.

Niko: Okay...

Ray: Seems this guy does not respect the waste management business. Lives over on a project on Galveston near U. Name is Teddy Benevides. Do what you gotta do. Somebody gets burnt, so be it.

Niko: Fine. And you'll pay.

Ray: Are you kiddin', I'll pay double.

Niko: Good.

Ray: But, you mess up? Bad things are gonna happen.

(Niko leaves the restaurant and Ray sends him a text message)

Nicky - this might be of use. Look out for this guy, Alonzo. He's one of Benavidez's goons. He'll tell you what you need to know if you're persuasive. Ciao

(Niko goes to the projects and finds Alonzo)

Niko: You know what apartment Teddy Benavidez is in?

Alonzo: No se. I don't know no Teddys.

Niko: You sure about that? You want the last thing to come out of your mouth to be a lie?

(Niko intimidates him)

Alonzo: Shit, man. He's up on the top floor. Apartment 151 K. You have to walk the last few floors. Elevator don't go up there, they're fixing it up.

(If Niko uses the elevator and didn't kill Alonzo, he will phone Benavidez and warn him)

Alonzo: Yo, T-Dog, someone's coming up. Don't know how, but he knows where your apartment is.

(Niko uses the elevator after killing Alonzo)

Gangster: Hey, man. Who are you? What are you doing here?

Gangster: I think he's moving in, man? Yo, you moving in?

Gangster: If he's moving in where's his stuff?

(The gangsters begin attacking Niko and he fights his way to Benavidez' apartment)

(Niko finds a closed door and as he gets close to it, Benavidez hits him)

Niko: Aaaaargh! Fuck!

Benavidez: Too slow, mama'o.

(Niko chases and corners him on the roof)

Benavidez: What's this about, pendejo?

Niko: You owe Ray Boccino a lot of money. You should have paid.

Benavidez: Those putos too old. They finished, fool. This city don't belong to them no more. I wouldn't pay them shit.

Benavidez: Fuck off, maricon.

Benavidez: Ah, go fuck yourself!

Benavidez: Fuck you!

(Niko kills Benavidez)

Post mission phone call

Niko: Ted is dead.

Ray: What are you talking about? Ted, who's he? I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'll be in touch, Nicky.

Failing the mission

Benavidez escapes

Niko: Hey, Ray. I lost Teddy. I couldn't send that message of yours.

Ray: Maybe them micks was wrong about you, Nicky. I hope for your sake they wasn't. Come see me.

Alonzo killed early

Niko: Ray, I've made some noise om these projects. I don't think I'm going to be able to find your boy, Teddy.

Ray: Maybe them micks was wrong about you, Nicky. I hope for your sake they wasn't. Come see me.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Gangster: Who the fuck are you?