A Long Way to Fall

A Long Way to Fall
Teddy Benavidez falling to his death.
Teddy Benavidez falling to his death.

Teddy Benavidez falling to his death.
For Ray Boccino
Target Teddy Benavidez
Location Little Italy, Algonquin, Liberty City
Fail Death of Niko Bellic
Arrest of Niko Bellic
Reward $8,500
Unlocks Taking in the Trash (after Three Leaf Clover)
Unlocked by Harbouring a Grudge

A Long Way to Fall is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by restaurant owner Ray Boccino from his restaurant on the intersection of Denver Avenue and Feldspar Street in Little Italy, Algonquin, Liberty City.


Niko Bellic, having been contacted by Ray Boccino, visits his restaurant and agrees to work for Boccino as he needs the money and help locating someone. Boccino tells him that a 'friend', Teddy Benavidez, is not giving him the stuff he owes and that Niko should pay him a visit at Galveston Avenue. Niko leaves the restaurant and heads to Galveston Avenue, receiving a text message from Boccino to look out for Alonzo, an ally of Benavidez.

Niko arrives at the apartment building and confronts Alonzo and finds out the location of Benavidez. The player can then choose to kill Alonzo or to allow him to live. If Alonzo is spared he warns Benavidez and Niko, upon exiting the elevator, is attacked by men loyal to Benavidez. If Alonzo is killed, Niko will be confronted by two guards and then many men loyal to Benavidez as he makes his way up the stairs to the twentieth floor.

Regardless of Niko's choice he eventually reaches the twentieth floor and finds Benavidez' apartment, Apartment 151K, and enters the apartment and kills the guards. Benavidez, hiding in a room in the apartment, opens the door as Niko attempts to listen, knocking Niko down. Benavidez escapes and heads for the roof while Niko gives chase, killing two more men trying to protect him on the way. Niko confronts Benavidez on the apartment building roof causing Benavidez to slip and falls down the twenty five floors to his death. Niko then leaves the apartment building and calls Boccino to tell him of Benavidez' death.


  • The player can use any weapon and use it at any angle to cause Teddy Benavidez to slip.
  • The bricks on the roof where Benavidez falls remain loose after the mission.
  • After completing the mission the elevator disappears and entering will cause Niko Bellic to fall his death.
  • Alonzo might not run towards the apartment if you beat him up. Instead, he will run towards the street but he will still warn Teddy Benavidez.

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