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The following is a script of the mission Action/Reaction in The Lost and Damned.


Billy: So where did you get them from?

Ray: Oh, y'know, from a little contact I have who really wants you to cut me out of the loop... Where'd the hell I get it? What is wrong with you? All kind of shit is out there, Billy, all you gotta do is grab it.

Billy: And that makes you what? A shit grabber?

Brian: Huh! Shit grabber!

Ray: Wow! See, I like how you did that - it was very good, very clever. Almost like a joke, y'know, only it wasn't funny.

(Johnny walks in)

Billy: Johnny - have you met Ray?

Johnny: Hey.

Billy: Ray Boccino. Hey, my brother. Johnny. Johnny the Jew.

Ray: Johnny the Jew - how the hell are you? Do me a favor - help keep this degenerate out of jail, alright, at least until he's paid me.

Johnny: I'll do my best.

Ray: Yeah, later.

(Ray leaves)

Johnny: What's he sellin' ya?

Billy: Toys, my boy - toys. Noe come on, let's go.

Brian: man, where we going, Bill?

Billy: Pay somebody a visit.

Johnny: Billy, man - please don't be a dick.

Billy: Johnny - you seem a little tense lately - have you ever considered some analysis? Maybe a day spa? High colonic?

Brian: Colonic!


Billy: Get in formation, brothers.


Billy: I'm front door on this run, boys.

Billy: Follow the leader, assholes.

(The group heads towards the Angels of Death Clubhouse)

Johnny: Still lifting weights, Billy?

Billy: I don't need to now that I'm carrying your heavy ass around with me, Johnny.

Johnny: I think you got me confused with Brian. He's the one who's permanently suckered onto your ass.

Johnny: Don't you ever get tired of following Billy without knowing what's going on?

Brian: That's what you do with a leader, dumbass. Are you sad no one's following you, Johnny?

Johnny: I'd be nothing but embarrassed to have you kissing my ass all day, Brian.

Johnny: Brian, man, you ever done time?

Brian: Only people who do time are the ones that are dumb enough to get caught. Apart from Bill. He got unlucky.

Johnny: It's not luck, Brian. The man wants you he's gonna come find you no matter how smart you think you are.

(Johnny decides to have a race to the clubhouse)

Johnny: How 'bout we drop the hammer on this run, Billy. Make shit interesting.

Billy: Let's go.

(If Johnny wins)

Johnny: The V.P. takes it. Fuck yeah.


Johnny: No disrespect in beating you, Bill. I'm still your humble servant.

(If Johnny loses)

Johnny: Good race, man. You fuckin' dropped it.


Johnny: Oh, shit, you sonofabitch. I was hoping you'd OTB or somethin'. Good driving.

(The rest of the group arrives at the clubhouse)

Billy: Have I got a toy for you.

Johnny: Yeah, whatever Bill. Whaddya want?

Billy: What is this?

Johnny: What?

Billy: What the fuck is wrong with you man?

Johnny: What are you talking about?

Billy: These Deadbeats are the ones who killed Jason in Broker.

Johnny: I thought it was a Pole or a Serb or something?

Billy: We got some bad information, brother. These are the guys. They killed that kid and look at you, you're acting like you don't even give a shit. You sick or something, man?

Johnny: These Deadbeats killed Jason?

Billy: Yes they did. Now take one of these grenades and put it through their window. The Almighty forgives, Johnny. The Lost don't.

Brian: Yeah, amen Johnny boy.

Billy: Pay 'em back for Jason, man.


Billy: Shock and awe these Deadbeats.

Billy: Wake these Deadbeats up with a bang, brother.

(Johnny launches a grenade into the clubhouse)

Johnny: Rise and fucking shine.


Johnny: That'll rattle their cage.

Johnny: Shit. That's gotta hurt.

(Angels of Death run out of the clubhouse)

Billy: Looks like you got 'em angry, John boy.


Billy: Dig some graves, boys. We're about to have some bodies on our hands.

Billy: Did we wake you up, Deadbeats?

(The Lost begin to fight the Angels of Death)

Billy: Eat shit and die, Deadbeats.

Billy: This is for Jason.

Billy: Looks like we ran into an AOD convention. What fun.

Billy: Fuck the A.O.D.

Billy: You shouldn't a killed our brother, Deadbeats.

Billy: Hey asshole, you'd be a lot less ugly with a bullet hole in your face.

Billy: You got something we want, Deadbeats.

Billy: You're a fucking maniac, man.

Brian: Shouldn't have pissed us off. Right?

Brian: Billy, Billy, come on.

Brian: Billy's here now, assholes.

Brian: The Lost don't forgive, Deadbeats.

Brian: Wakey, wakey.

Brian: ha, ha Deadbeats.

Johnny: Jason was my fucking brother.

Johnny: You ain't got a fucking chance.

Johnny: Run and hide.

Johnny: I hope your fucking legs come off.

Johnny: You murdering sons of bitches.

Johnny: You're gonna have some scorched-ass corpses.

Angels of Death: We ain't Deadbeats, but you're all fucking dead.

Angels of Death: Lost MC are a bunch of liberal pussies.

Angels of Death: You Losers trying to burn our house?

Angels of Death: The Lost MC is gonna pay for this.

Angels of Death: It sure is war, isn't it, Losers?

Angels of Death: You're not getting the drugs, Losers.

Angels of Death: No one sets fire to AOD property and lives to tell it.

Angels of Death: That brown ain't gonna leave here with you Losers.

Angels of Death: You Losers here for our brown?

Angels of Death: Angels of Death MC gonna fuck you, boys.

Angels of Death: You lost or something, assholes?

(More Angels of Death run outside)

Billy: Shit. It's like we woke up a whole nest of assholes.

Billy: Shit, there's an army of Deadbeats coming forth, boys.

Billy: We got more Deadbeats coming at us.

Billy: Man, these Deadbeats just keep on comin', don't they.

Billy: The AOD reserves are most bounteous, aren't they?

(More Angels of Death arrive in a van)

Billy: Here comes the party bus.


Billy: Look. We got a whole van load of Deadbeats to deal with.

Billy: The Deadbeat bus is coming, boys.

Billy: Crack that can open, boys. The Deadbeat van has arrived.

(More Angels of Death arrive on bikes)

Billy: And on their mighty metal steeds they come.


Billy: Deadbeats on bikes are still Deadbeats.

Billy: Watch your backs. The AOD are on their bikes.

(The Lost kill the A.O.D. outside)

Billy: Let's get in there, men. Come on.


Billy: Into the clubhouse, soldiers.

Billy: We're going into the viper's nest, brothers. Come on.

(Billy and Johnny enter the clubhouse)

Billy: Come on, we got another room to handle!


Billy: Brother, you ready for the next room? Go!

Billy: We need to clear this whole clubhouse. Go!

Billy: Next room, Johnny. Go, go, go!

Billy: Time to clear that next room, brother!

(Johnny and Billy begin to fight the A.O.D. in the bar)

Billy: Get the Deadbeats in the bar, Johnny.


Billy: Bar's closed, assholes. Get 'em, John boy.

Billy: These guys are wasted man, take 'em out.

(While Johnny and Billy fight through the clubhouse)

Johnny: Sorry to intrude, gentlemen. But we got a little business matter.

Johnny: You ever heard of Jason Michaels? He was a brother of mine.

Johnny: Don't mind me, fuckers. Stay down.

Johnny: Hello there, assholes.

Johnny: Ain't you gonna invite us in?

Johnny: I ain't never been in an AOD clubhouse.

(Billy and Johnny move out of the bar)

Billy: Asshole on the stairs, Johnny.


Billy: You gonna take out that Deadbeat on the stairs or do I gotta do everything?

(The two see an A.O.D. member on fire)

Johnny: Poor bastard.


Johnny: Damn that smells.

Johnny: He's done.

(The two move down to a weight room)

Billy: Bury these fucks, Johnny.


Billy: Take out the Deadbeats, Johnny.

Billy: These Deadbeats ain't getting outta this hole, brother.

(Johnny kills the A.O.D. in the weight room)

Johnny: You're gonna die down here, assholes.


Johnny: What you lurking down here for?

Johnny: Hit the weights, fuckheads.

(Billy and Johnny come across bags of Heroin)

Billy: The Deadbeats have got themselves one shit-load of heroin. Pack it up, Johnny.

Johnny: Wait I don't understand - I thought this was payback for Jason, man, what the fuck is this?

Billy: Two million in arm candy's as good a payback as I can think of. Come on brother.

Johnny: Jesus, hold your fucking horses, man. Now we're gonna steal their smack? Slow down.

Brian: Slow down? Hold up, wait, ooohhhh. Jesus, physics lesson, fuckball. Do you know how motorcycles work? Do ya Johnny?

Brian: You about to get schooled.

Billy: Centrifugal inertia. Meaning the quicker your wheels go, the more stable you are. The faster we go, the harder we hit it, the more us brothers pull together. That's why we do what we do, that's how we do what we do. Why, how - they're the same fucking thing.

Brian: We go faster, longer an' harder and that's how we stay together.

Billy: Brian. Shut up.

Johnny: What the fuck are you talking about? You gotta stop reading them shitty internet sites, man, and start thinking about what you're doing to us. We lift this shit right now and every Deadbeat on the east coast is gonna come after our chapter.

Billy: Well, that's something your leader will have to worry about. Not you, soldier. Brian, grab the shit.

(Brian grabs the heroin and they head out of the clubhouse)

Billy: Let's clear on out.

(Johnny exits the clubhouse)

Billy: We're outta here.

(The LCPD arrive)

Johnny: If it ain't the fucking pigs.


Johnny: Here come the cherry tops.

Johnny: Shit, it's the Man.

Alternate dialogue

Johnny: So is this about kicking ass and feeling like big men or are we gonna make some money?

Billy: The two of them are not always mutually exclusive, my brother.

Johnny: Really? Let's see.

Johnny: Billy, man. Just for once I'd like to know what the fuck we're doing before we do it.

Billy: Having delusions of grandeur, Klebitz?

''Johnny: Shit, yeah, of course. Only the chapter president gets to know what's going on.

Johnny: You ready for this shit, Brian?

Brian: Fucking yes, bitches.

Johnny: Alright then, let's fucking do it.

Johnny: Brian, man. What you been doing lately. Sucking Billy's cock, I'm betting.

Brian: I seen a video of Ashley fucking on the internet. You're a chump, Johnny.

Johnny: I thought you only watched gay porn on the internet, Brian. You're into cock, right?

Brian: You think that's funny, asshole?

Johnny: Tell you what, send me a fucking link to that Ashley video. What do I care what she's up to? We're through.

Post mission text messages

Go see Liz Torres. She might be able to unload some of that shit we found. If it's cool, you can collect from Brian off Inchon Ave.

Ha ha. Johnny, I've sent you a link to the Deadbeats' website. Check it out!

Failing the mission

Billy dies

Johnny: Bye bye, Billy.

Jim: That's got to be the last nail in our chapter's casket, don't it?

Johnny: Maybe. Maybe. At least you got Jackie and the kid. Our chapter was all I had, Jim. I'll see you round.

Clay/Terry/Brian/Jim dies

Billy: We said adios to another brother today, Johnny. Maybe you should start thinking about what that means to you.

Johnny: Thanks for the homework, Bill. You want me to give you a thousand words on brotherhood for tomorrow, you assholes?

Johnny's bike destroyed

Johnny: Dude. That's fucked. I appreciate the ride, William.

Billy: Think nothing of it, brother. We have all got to pull together in this climate of war and uncertainty.