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Ray Boccino, capo of the Pegorino Family talking to Billy Grey inside the Lost MC clubhouse.

Ray Boccino, capo of the Pegorino Family talking to Billy Grey inside the Lost MC clubhouse.
Game The Lost and Damned
For Billy Grey
Objective Attack the The Angels of Death Clubhouse and steal their Heroin
Location Acter, Alderney
Reward $1,000
Grenade Launcher (available to purchase from Terry Thorpe)
The Angels of Death Clubhouse (for arm wrestling)
The Uptown Riders Clubhouse (for arm wrestling)
Unlocks Buyer's Market
Unlocked by It's War

Action/Reaction is a mission in The Lost and Damned given to protagonist Johnny Klebitz from The Lost Brotherhood President Billy Grey from Alderney.


Johnny Klebitz walks in to the Lost MC clubhouse meet Billy Grey but finds him talking to Ray Boccino, a capo for the Pegorino Family. Billy introduces the two before saying that the gang should pay The Angels of Death back for apparent role in the death of Jason Michaels, despite previously stating that the person to blame was from Eastern Europe. Billy, Johnny, Jim Fitzgerald, Clay Simons, Brian Jeremy and Terry Thorpe all leave the clubhouse on motorcycles heading to Angels of Death clubhouse. The trip, however, quickly becomes a race shortly after getting on to the highway.

When the gang reach their rivals clubhouse, Billy gives Johnny a grenade launcher, which is fired into an upstairs window. The subsequent explosion causes a number of Angel of Death bikers to exit the clubhouse shooting at their attackers. The initial bikers are taken down before re-enforcements arrive from inside the club and in a van arriving on the scene, although all the bikers are killed. The gang kill the attacking bikers and move inside the club, clearing the bar room, a hallway and then the basement, where they find a large heroin stash, stated to be worth $2 million. Johnny realises the trick played by Billy and that Jason's death was indeed at the hands of an Eastern European, and that the raid was to get the heroin apparently already owned by the Triads. The gang leave the clubhouse and flee the scene, evading the police attention on their own.


  • This mission is based on the real-life action of The Hells Angels shooting a grenade into a clubhouse of the Bandito's.
  • If Johnny Klebitz wins the race to The Angels of Death clubhouse he will state he remains Billy Grey's "loyal servant", although shortly afterwards he begins to distrust his leaders control of the gang.


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