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The following is a script of the mission Angels in America in The Lost and Damned.


Billy: Little dorky gas station attendant boy goes "Hey man! Are you alright?" and I go, "Yeah dude! How's my bike?"

(Johnny walks in)

Johnny: Hey!

Billy: Hey! Johnny K.

Leila: Hey Johnny, how you doin' baby?

(Johnny tries to kick her)

Leila: Hey, what the fuck?

Terry: Ooh, stop, domestic violence.

Johnny: Hey man, you having fun over there?

Billy: Absolutely. And if I get tested, I have a bag of twelve year old's piss right here. I am clean.

Johnny: Real nice.

Billy: oh fuck you, Johnny. You don't judge me!

Johnny: Whooaa! Calm down, man. Have another drink or somethin' but calm the fuck down.

Billy: Oh fuck you, faggot.

Johnny: Yeah? Really?

(Johnny and Billy are about to fight but Jason intervenes)

Jason: Guys, guys... Billy Johnny... We got a couple of fuckin' Deadbeats outside.

Jim: Deadbeats? What the hell are they doing here?

Billy: What the fuck do they want?

Jim: Let's fuck 'em up.

Billy: I'm out of rehab three minutes, and they think they can crash my party? Come on.

(Billy grabs a pistol and the group heads outside)

Jim: Let's do what we got to do.

(The group leaves the clubhouse and meets the Angels of Death)

Billy: Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Why the long faces? Might I tempt you in a swift libation, my most trusted and honored guest?

Angels of Death: I thought we had a truce going on?

Billy: Did you? Funny thing - I wasn't aware. But, let me tell you, it's a strange kind of truce that makes you think it's okay to gatecrash my party, Deadbeat motherfucker.

Angels of Death: I'm sorry. You enjoy your little party. I take it, the good times are over. No problem, old man.

(The lieutenant turns his back and walks away and Billy shoots him in the back while the others flee )

Billy: Screw you, you Deadbeat prick - think you can come to my party and gatecrash? Come on!

Jason: Yeah, come on!

Johnny: Aah, you moron!

(The group then prepares to chase down the Angels of Death)


Lost MC: Let's get those Deadbeats.


Lost MC: Let's get those Angels of Death, Johnny.

Lost MC: AOD gonna pay for that. Let's get 'em.

Johnny: Fuck, we gotta get these chumps before they tell the rest of their chapter.


Johnny: These boys are going straight back to their chapter brothers.

Johnny: Someone's gotta stop these guys telling the rest of the Angels of Death.

Jason: We're brothers, and brothers stick together.

Angels of Death: Fucking Losers.

Angels of Death: There's a war coming your way.

Angels of Death: Part's over, you assholes.

Angels of Death: Bill Grey's an asshole.

Angels of Death: This truce is over.

Angels of Death: You're all Losers.

Angels of Death: We got twice your numbers.

Angels of Death: Don't call us Deadbeats.

Angels of Death: That was a dumb move.

Angels of Death: Get Lost.

Angels of Death: Eat my shit.

Angels of Death: Welcome to the twenty first century, fuck heads.

Angels of Death: Fuck you all.

Jason: Where'd you think you're going?

Jason: You shouldn't a crashed that party.

Jason: The Lost MC rule this town.

Jason: Angels of Death weren't never goin' be welcome at a Lost MC party.

Jason: Billy was right to do what he did.

Lost MC: Fucking Deadbeats!

Lost MC: Ha ha ha. You fucking Deadbeats.

Lost MC: Run away you fat racist assholes.

Lost MC: Truce is over, Deadbeats!

Lost MC: Lost MC forever.

Lost MC: We ain't Losers, we The Lost.

Lost MC: Wooo we. I'm enjoying this.

Lost MC: Billy's back!

Lost MC: A.O.D. ain't nothing.

(When Johnny kills one of the AoD bikers)

Johnny: Shame about the bike, Deadbeat.

Johnny: Good night, buddy.

Johnny: That's bad craftsmanship.

Johnny: Poor bike.

Johnny: Sorry about that.

(The AoD bikers are killed and Johnny calls Billy)

Billy: Johnny, man, you let those Deadbeats tell their buddies a war's on?

Johnny: No, I stopped 'em. We don't need more brothers dyin' over this.

Billy: Sensible Johnny K. Come meet us over on Grummer Road, brother.

(Johnny meets Billy and Jason

Billy: Greetings.


Billy: Salutations.

Johnny: Whoo. Disaster averted, brother.

Jason: Yeah!

Johnny: You coming back?

Jason: I'd love to man, but I'm seeing this hot Russian broad over on Firefly Island. Gonna drink her daddy's expensive vodka and fuck her under the pier.

Johnny: Ooh - young love in the modern world.

Jason: Yeah!

Johnny: That's beautiful.

Billy: These Deadbeats won't be screwing around with us anymore. Let the good times roll.

Failing the mission

Jason dies

Johnny: Shit. Jason. You motherfuckers.

(Johnny calls Billy)

Billy: What's happening?

Johnny: Jason got eighty-sixed, Billy. And I ain't in the mood for no tiring kicking.

Billy: He'll be missed, brother. See you at Church.

Jason dies with Billy

Johnny: Shit. Jason. You motherfuckers.

Billy: Sad to see the kid go like that. But he had the mark, didn't he? One who wasn't going to make it. He wasn't like you and me.

Johnny: We're only here by blind luck, Bill. And you know it. So long.

Johnny's bike destroyed

Johnny: Fuck, man. My bike.

(Jason gives Johnny a ride to the clubhouse)

Johnny: Thanks, man. Reminds me of when you were a prospect. Running round the whole city for us brothers.

Jason: Ha ha ha. If your bike got trashed when I was a prospect, you would just taken mine and left me on the road. Later, bro.

Angels of Death escape

Johnny: Shit! I ain't getting 'em now. Ah, well at least we tried. Now Billy's brought every Deadbeat in the country down on us.

Jason: He's the head of this chapter, man. If Billy wants a war, then all the brothers best get ready to fight.