Angels in America

Angels in America
Game The Lost and Damned
For Billy Grey
Objective Chase after and kill several Angels of Death bikers
Location Alderney
Reward $750
Unlocks Multiplayer Mode, It's War
Unlocked by Clean and Serene

Angels in America is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Billy Grey to Johnny Klebitz.


Billy throws a party celebrating his release from rehabilitation inside the Lost MC Clubhouse. Johnny walks in and, after pushing off his old lady Leila Sharpe, Johnny and Billy immediately start arguing. Before things can get more than verbal however, Jason Michaels walks in and announces that some Angels of Death members are outside. The Angels of Death, spoken for by an unnamed lieutenant, are angry over the murder of their brothers in the previous mission, stating they thought there was a truce created between the two gangs after Billy's incarceration. Billy claiming that "he wasn't aware".

The Angels of Death lieutenant acknowledges the ended truce, calling Billy an old man and giving him the middle finger before walking away. Billy pulls out his handgun from behind his back and shoots the lieutenant in the back, killing him.

Johnny, Jason and two randomly generated Lost MC members chase after the rest of the Angels of Death, and after successfully killing them before they can tell the others the truce is off, Billy will call Johnny and tell him to meet him at Grummer Road.

The two random Lost MC members will ride off, and Johnny will meet up with Jason and Billy at Grummer Road. Jason explains to Johnny that he can't hangout because he has plans with a "hot Russian broad", and that he plans on drinking her father's expensive vodka and soon after "fuck her under the pier."

Jason and Billy part ways and the mission ends.

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  • Despite a large amount of Lost MC members heading off to take out the Angels of Death, only Johnny, Jason Micheals, and two other Lost members are in pursuit during gameplay.
  • Jason's reference to the Russian he's dating sets up the events (and his ultimate fate) in the GTA IV mission No Love Lost. Even though the bridges in Liberty City are closed in No Love Lost, they are shown to be open in this mission, which takes place prior.


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