Arthur Penny's Sanitorium

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Arthur Penny's Sanitorium is a film in the HD Universe released in 1994 through the Richards Majestic production company. The film was directed by Arthur Penny and produced by Solomon Richards.'s description

Set in a sanitorium in the 1920s, a group of lunatics with tuberculosis break out and fight for women's suffrage. They are then eaten by stray dogs, and we follow one runt of the pack as he is taken in by a woman with enormous breasts. One morning the dog is scared by her and accidently bites, giving her a fatal disease from which she dies. The dog then begins to talk in the movie and gives a long speech about how charity is cowardice and selfishness is a virtue.'s comments

  • looselucy26 (5/10): Was this Richards' attempt to atone for 20 years of making racist movies?
  • thimbledick (3/10): If it was, he didn't do a very good job.
  • sippycup8 (2/10): How can you have a classic movie from 1994?
  • richardsfan45 (8/10): One of the great untold stories of our time!
  • gold4eva (3/10): It's untold because it never happened.
  • popmuncha2 (0/10): I heard Sexton Daniels is going to be in Solomon Richards' new movie.
  • filmnazi11 (4/10): I hope it's better than Defender Of The Faith. That sucked the big one.