Assuming the Truth/Script

The following is the script of the mission "Assuming the Truth" in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Michael approaches Marnie Allen on a farm in Grapeseed)

Marnie Allen: Krant... The paradigm is ending.

(Marnie spots Michael approaching)

Marnie Allen: Hello, Michael. Or should I say Zolag.

Michael De Santa: What?

Marnie Allen: Your real name is Zolag. You are a king. You lived in a cloud city but evil forces came and cast you out. Now you are trapped here, but soon you shall be free.

Michael De Santa: Okay...

Marnie Allen: I used to be called Marnie, now I am Shupar, Queen of the Winds. Doubting is the pathway to believing for non-objectionable persons. The literature is very clear about that.

Michael De Santa: Ah... why is it whenever people talk about reincarnation they're always a king or a general or a famous person? How come they're never a serf or a rock or a bug?

Marnie Allen: Oh, it is easy to be a doubtful antithesis, but be a thesis, Zolag. These are incredible truths. I used to be lost. Now I'm the most powerful person in existence. Last night I went to forty seven thousand places at the same time.

Michael De Santa: Okay. This... is bullshit.

Marnie Allen: Objectionable persons fall at any hurdle.

Michael De Santa: Goodbye.

(Michael goes to leave but is stopped by Marnie)

Marnie Allen: Helping higher beings is the pathway to acquiring a higher existence.

Michael De Santa: I'm sure it is...

Marnie Allen: You're not, but you are on the way. Some of our true thesis holders, who also happen to be top of their field actors, philosophers, and humanitarians, require cars.

Michael De Santa: Oh.

Marnie Allen: Can you find it in your heart to be of service? The spirits shall email you their requirements.

Michael De Santa: The spirits have email?

Marnie Allen: Don't be an antithesis, Zolag. Kifflom.

Michael De Santa: Kifflom.

(If Michael returns)

Marnie Allen: Queen Shupar has already dismissed you.

(Michael leaves and receives an email from Marnie)

[email protected]

The Road to Englightenment


These are the vehicles that the higher beings require:
Pegassis Vacca
(A picture of a Vacca)

Benefactor Surano
(A picture of a Surano)

Declasse Tornado
(A picture of a Tornado)

Enus Super Diamond
(A picture of a Super Diamond)

Dinka Double T
(A picture of a Double T)

Make sure these vehicles are delivered in a condition befitting the level of divine understanding that our thesis holders have reached. Carry out this small task for us and you will be rewarded with knowledge of infinitely great value. Kraff be praised!


(Michael delivers the five vehicles)

Michael De Santa: Zolag, don't be an antithesis.
Michael De Santa: Oh, brother brother.
Michael De Santa: Forty six places at once, and still stuck on the Olympic Freeway. Kifflom.

(After delivering the vehicles, Michael receives an email from Marnie)

[email protected]

You are progressing

Brother Brother,

Cris and the senior thesis holders are very happy with the vehicles you sourced to further Kraff's work. You are firmly on the path to enlightenment and divinity but it is a long and expensive path, and there are many more trials ahead. Are you ready to understand the technology of your existence? Are you everything you need and less and more? Until next time, brother.

Kraff be praised!